GO is Malta's leading communications services company.As the first quad play provider in Malta we provide mobile, fixed line, internet and TV services to more than 500,000 customers.

We also provide unrivalled services to the Maltese business community, including Cloud Services, roaming hub services, data networking solutions, business IP services, managed and co-location facilities

 Our growth and success has been built on a focused strategy to deliver a world-class service in terms of infrastructure and customer experience.

We have achieved this by investing heavily in our fibre infrastructure and being the first and only Maltese operator to have access to three submarine cables which link the island to the World Wide Web.

We are also the only Maltese operator with a fully integrated fixed/mobile network and thus we provide a seamless experience.

We deliver an unmatched mobile internet experience by providing speeds of up to 42Mbps as well as 3.5G (LTE ready) coverage throughout the Maltese Archipelago.  Our mobile network is the only one to be connected to the World Wide Web via a fibre network.

We are also the first and only telecommunications company in Malta to provide a broadband service over fibre with speeds of up to 200Mbps.

Since 2007, we have been a leading player in Malta's television market.

Today, we own the exclusive local broadcasting rights for the UEFA Champions League, the Barclays Premier League, the Italian Serie A, the French Ligue 1 as well as Formula 1 and Rugby.

These channels, as well as premium movies and a variety of exclusive content, are also available in Interactive and HD TV.

Through our network of retail outlets across the Maltese Islands, 24/7 customer call centre, a network of authorised dealers, and dedicated B2B support, we cement our position as a provider of world-class communications services.

Our pioneering role in Malta's communications industry is based on a tradition which goes back to 1975 when Telemalta, the country's first national telecommunications company, was established.

This tradition was enhanced following the investment by Emirates International Telecommunications (EIT), a Dubai-based Holding Company, which acquired a 60 per cent stake in 2006 and rebranded the company. Our remaining shares are traded on the Malta Stock Exchange.

With continued multi-million dollar investment programmes in both infrastructure and human resources, our pioneering tradition is set to continue long into the future

History- Undersea telegraph cable from Malta was first laid to Sicily in 1857 and to Egypt in 1868 by various operations consolidated in 1928 into one company renamed Cable & Wireless in 1934.

Telemalta Corporation created via The Telemalta Corporation Act of 1974 was given monopoly rights as both the operator and regulator of all telecommunications services.

Maltacom p.l.c. was created in 1997 and assumed the assets of Telemalta. Government retained a 60% stake in Maltacom and sold 40% to the general public by 1998

In 1999, a second mobile communications licence was issued to Mobisle Communications Limited, a subsidiary of Maltacom p.l.c.. In late 2000, Mobisle launched its GSM network branded as GO Mobile. In May 2006 the Maltese government sold its 60% stake in Maltacom to the Dubai Holding subsidy TECOM Investments.

On June 12, 2007 Maltacom Group, Malta’s leading telecommunications provider, was renamed GO. It signified the merger of the 4 brands Maltacom, Maltanet (an ISP), Multiplus (a DTTV provider) and GO Mobile.

Latest Articles & Insights

Research shows GO has fastest mobile network

Research carried out by Net Check GmbH, a leading, independent German firm specialising in performance testing of mobile networks (www.netcheck.de), has conclusively shown that GO has the best mobile network in Malta.


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Latest Articles & Insights

Research shows GO has fastest mobile network

Research carried out by Net Check GmbH, a leading, independent German firm specialising in performance testing of mobile networks (www.netcheck.de), has conclusively shown that GO has the best mobile network in Malta.

GO appoints new CEO

GO has appointed Mr Attila Keszeg as Chief Executive Officer of the company with effect from 1 June 2017.

GO begins testing 4G network

Upon launch, initial achievable maximum download speeds on the network will be several times faster than those available on 3G.

Go planning two business centres

Go is planning to turn its former HQ Spencer House in Marsa and its premises in Birkirkara into business centres to be leased as premium office space to third parties.

GO to launch 4G this year

GO will be launching 4G this year, being provided through an agreement with Nokia Networks, which will include a major overhaul of Go’s national Radio Access Network.
Attila Keszeg
Attila Keszeg
Chief Executive Officer
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Attila Keszeg

Chief Executive Officer


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June 12, 2007
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Attila Keszeg


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