J. Grima Co. Ltd is synonymous with Security in Malta and Gozo. Our alarm, monitoring and surveillance security systems will give you peace of mind wherever you are. We offer a complete range of home automation and business automation security systems.  We have been installing security systems for many years and have managed to build a solid reputation as one of the leading domestic and corporate security system providers on the Maltese Islands. 

Our Mission

We are committed to understand particular scenarios so as to create design and deliver risk solutions and services that make our clients more successful. We can do this through:


  • Strength and Integrity: We have strengthened our resources & will continue to do so indefinitely . This translates into a greater understanding with more in depth knowledge and a wider product range. This  allows us to create special solutions that besides offering you total piece of mind & business continuity also offer you added value by placing you in a position to negotiate  preferential terms with your underwriters to your benefit. We do this in a professional way with very detailed logic & clear focus  without ever comprising our business ethics and principles.


  • Quality and Service: Whatever the nature, surroundings, layout and scale of your business or home, we are committed to providing and delivering personalized security & fire solutions of the highest quality that are designed in reverse. WE do not ask you to change your process or habits to accommodate the proposed system/s, instead we tailor the system around you so as to ensure the proposal fits in with you, that way you have a long lasting solution that works when put to the test.


  • Innovation and Technology: We are pro-active, always trying to anticipate your needs to develop effective solutions. With the use of world class equipment produced by the leaders of the field with whome we have partnered with , we successfully use  cutting-edge technology designed to enhance your operation /serenity  to the maximum so as to  ultimately deliver the highest  customer satisfaction.

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Company Information

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Years of experience in the supply and installation of safes, vault doors & prefabricated strong rooms make J.Grima the leaders in the field. All of our wall safes are made of a special steel construction and  have a laser cut door frame with only 0.02mm gap between the frame and the door. The hinges are very thick  and fitted with self lubricating bronze bushings and anchored in a protected, burglar proof position. The finish of the safes is an epoxy coating with a double phosphate treatment.  Visit the following pages for more information about wall, free standing, brisck, coloured, hotel, armour coated furniture and graded safes.

Access Control

Access control systems with high secuirty locking and restricted key copy duplication including automatic deadlocking electric locks,hydraulic door closers and hinge bolts. We provide numeric keypads, proximity RFID card readers, fingerprint scanners and a combination of all three depending on your security requirements.  Our access control systems can also serve as a time and attendance system without any additional hardware.


Visit our lock section for more details about our high secuirty electric locks, solenoid electromagnetic bolts, electro magnets, master key systems and keys that cannot be duplicated.

Locks & Door Hardware

We offer high security locks manufactured by some of the most prominent brands world-wide, making it easier for you to relax when abroad or simply away from your home or office. Cylinders, padlocks, master key systems, locks, door closers and operators as well as knob and lever locksets, deadlocks, mortise locks, glass door locks, utility locks, electronic locks and multi-point locks.


A CCTV system is a precious monitoring tool and it is the preferred system when evidence is required. Depending on your needs we can help you make the right choice of equipment to implement in your system. One has to evaluate between various factors, when choosing a camera or a recorder. Opting to buy the cheapest system on the market may only serve as a deterrant but not useful when you need to use a video footage in court.  We can offer dvrs with internet monitoring, redundant remote backup, monitoring on blackberry, nokia and iphones,  varifocal lens cameras, auto iris lenses, zoom lenses, cameras with infra red illumination,  long range infra red illuminators, IP camers and software, integration with access control systems, central monitoring software, activity detection recording, spy cctv, wide dynamic range cameras....


Brands who work with us