Kyte Consultants Ltd was incorporated in 2006 under the Laws of Malta with registration number C 39922. Its Directors, Alan Alden and Trevor Axiak, wanted to fill in a gap they identified namely in Information and Communications Technology related risk management services. Although a relatively new company, its management and staff possess all the necessary qualifications and experience to provide a wide range of advisory services to companies heavily reliant on information and communications technologies to achieve their business objectives.

Kyte Consultants is accredited by the Malta Gaming Authority of Malta as System and Compliance Auditors, to review the operations of remote gaming operators for the purposes of being granted a full remote gaming license. 

Kyte is also the only validated Qualified Security Assessor Company (for PCI DSS) in Malta to carry out certification reviews of merchants and service providers who process, transmit or store credit card data to ensure they comply with the Data Security Standards.

Another unique service Kyte is offering is Anti-Money Laundering advisory services and training. With the regulations now affecting a number of professionals and companies it has become imperative that they find someone who can assist them in complying with their statutory obligations.

Alan and Trevor worked as risk management consultants with Deloitte for 6 years where they had continued to develop their risk management skills. Their continued involvement in the Remote Gaming Industry, Financial and Banking environments as well as other complex and challenging projects has given them knowledge and expertise which is hard to match by any other professional service provider.

Kyte Consultants has established strategic partnerships with key service providers in order to better provide customers with all the services and assistance they require to support and grow their business.

Latest Articles & Insights

Kyte wins Best International iGaming Consultant award

Kyte Consultants won the award for Best International iGaming Consultant Services at Malta's iGaming Excellence Awards of 2017. The gala was held at the Grand Hotel Excelsior on the 5th of May and was attended by 600 C-level professionals from the iGaming industry.

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Vivian Duff
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English, Maltese

Latest Articles & Insights

Kyte wins Best International iGaming Consultant award

Kyte Consultants won the award for Best International iGaming Consultant Services at Malta's iGaming Excellence Awards of 2017. The gala was held at the Grand Hotel Excelsior on the 5th of May and was attended by 600 C-level professionals from the iGaming industry.

Skill game regulations promise an explosion in demand

Alan Alden, CEO at Kyte Consultants
After ten years of assisting iGaming licence applicants, Alan Alden of Kyte Consultants remains optimistic about the future of Malta as a gaming centre and anticipates that skill gaming regulations will further strengthen the country’s position.

Executive Bio: Alan Alden

Alan Alden has been a key figure in Malta’s iGaming industry since its inception in the early 2000s. The Director of Kyte Consultants gives us a sneak peek into his daily routine and tells us about his passion for gardening.

Crisis can make industry stronger

Alan Alden, Director of Kyte Consultants Ltd
Malta’s gaming industry reacts to the regulator’s decision to suspend the licences of gaming companies due to alleged links with the Calabrian Mafia.

Managing Risk

Alan Alden, Director of Kyte Consultants Ltd
With AML and transparency regulations affecting an increasing number of companies, risk management has become a crucial aspect for businesses to comply with statutory obligations.
Alan Alden
Alan Alden
Managing Director
Languages: English, Maltese

Trevor Axiak
Trevor Axiak
Languages: English, Maltese


Alan Alden

Managing Director


Company Information

Trevor Axiak

9th November, 2006
Limited Liability Company
English, Italian, Maltese

Planning to open a company in Malta? Make sure you do so with minimum effort and hassle.

We can handle all the paper work that goes hand-in-hand with the incorporation of the company and setting up of the business. We can also assist you in opening bank accounts, complying with VAT, income tax, social services and employment regulations; offering you registered and/or operational offices. Our services also extend to act as directors and company secretaries.

We are also in a position to offer you Fiduciary Services through our Licensed Associate Partner.

Another important service we offer is full assistance in obtaining the relevant MFSA license, be it a banking license, e-money institution, insurance, etc.

Through its authorized partner, Kyte can also assist individuals interested in applying under the Individual Investors Programme (IIP).

Malta has become one of the most favoured jurisdictions for the establishment of a remote gaming operation. Malta's popularity is based on the fact that it was the first EU country to draw up specific remote gaming regulations; it has a first class legal and IT infrastructure; a trained work force demanding competitive salaries; very reasonable office rent; and, overall quality of life and mild weather.

To set up in Malta you need someone set up locally with the right knowledge about the licensing process, and who is able to guide you and assist you from start to finish at the pace you want to. Kyte's management and staff have been involved in the remote gaming industry since the year 2000 when the first operators set up locally. Kyte's directors were the first to be accredited by the Malta Gaming Authority to carry out certification reviews. Kyte are still carrying out such reviews and are therefore, fully knowledgeable about everything that is going on in the remote gaming industry in Malta.

Kyte is also an approved ISO27001:2013 Lead Auditor and can conduct security audits for regulators such as UKGC who require such audits as part of licensing conditions.

In addition to full licensing assistance, Kyte can also prepare you for the certification review by carrying out a mock review before the actual one is carried out.

It is important to note that Kyte possess all the knowledge and expertise to assist you with all the remote gaming services you require internally. No services are outsourced. This ensures you keep one point of contact, but more importantly give you peace of mind that costs are fixed on the outset.

To find out more about the remote gaming licensing process you can visit our resources section on the website or contacts us for more information.

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) developed Data Security Standards (DSS) which Merchants and Service Providers, who process, transmit or store credit card data, are required to strictly adhere to. Irrespective of the amount of credit card transactions a merchant or service provider handles they are required to comply with the PCI DSS.

Kyte are the first and only validated Qualified Security Assessor Company in Malta and can offer their services to merchants and service providers in all of Europe, Middle East and Africa as well as other regions. Kyte can assist you in becoming fully compliant and/or can review your operation to certify that you are PCI DSS compliant.

One of the requirements is to have a quarterly scan by an Approved Scanning Vendor to test for vulnerabilities on your website. Kyte can provide you with this service as well as Web Application scanning which satisfies requirement 6.6 of PCI DSS.

Another very important requirement of PCI DSS is to conduct Attack and Penetration Testing. We are proud to be able to offer this service not only as a means to satisfy the requirement but to ensure there any holes in the system are patched timely. The penetration test involves a considerable amount of manual testing. Testing is conducted both externally and internally and can take the form of white box or black box. Network as well as application layer tests are conducted as part of the exercise. We are confident that customers will find our fees for such a service extremely competitive. Testing will be carried out based on the latest version of the PCI DSS.

We can assist you with PCI DSS Compliance as well as Certification. We know very well that a one-size fits all approach in interpreting PCI DSS requirements does not work. It is this approach adopted by some assessors in fact, which causes many companies to go over time and over budget in their efforts to achieve compliance. We believe that each company has to be assessed by taking into consideration its size, resources, business constraints and risk exposure.

If you would like to discuss your requirements and request a quote, please contact us.

For more information about PCI DSS refer to our resources section.

The Data Protection Act of 2001 imposed legal requirements on any legal entity processing personal data for business purposes. Anyone who processes personal data is referred to in the Act as a 'data controller' and those whose personal data is being processed are called 'data subjects'. The data controller is required to notify the Commissioner for Data Protection about any personal data being processed as well as to comply with all the other requirements of the act. Data subjects have the right to complain or take legal action against data controllers if they believe their rights have been not been respected.

Kyte can help you to comply with all your legal requirements under the Act. We can carry out an audit of your data processing activities to identify gaps between your operation and the compliance requirements and then assist you to fill in these gaps. We can also act as your Personal Data Representative thus ensuring that you continually comply with the Act and have any advice you need only a phone call or email away. This service is provided for a very small yearly fee.

With its wealth of experience in Information Security, Kyte can assist you in a number of ways in ensuring the Integrity, Reliability and Confidentiality of your information systems.

Business Continuity Planning

We assist clients in developing their own business continuity and disaster recovery plans from design up until implementation and testing. We have successfully completed projects in this area across a wide range of environments.

Many organisations think that employing the best people in the industry is key to the success of their company. But what happens if an unexpected event brings down your business? Do your people know how to recover your systems and business processes? Can you get back to business as usual in an acceptable time frame? How much loss of business can the company sustain?

If you do not have a well prepared, documented and tested business continuity plan, you might be taking a risk bigger than you can imagine.

It is now becoming common practice for authorities and regulators to request a tried and tested BCP as part of application requirements.

IT Audit & Internal Audit

There are many organizations that believe that their systems are safe and that employees are following the procedures that management has set out for them. Unfortunately, this is not often the case and management does not realize that things are not quite as they seemed until something goes wrong. By then it is too late and the damage has been done.

Kyte can assist you in identifying control gaps in your systems and procedures by reviewing them and comparing them with best practice so that the risks of something potentially going wrong is mitigated. Kyte can carry out a specific audit of only your IT systems and/or your operational procedures as a one off assignment. Alternatively, Kyte can be engaged to develop and implement an Internal Audit plan which would ensure that your organization is constantly being assessed for new risks and in a position to implement the necessary controls in a timely manner to mitigate such risks.

Kyte is proud to be an outsourced partner to a number of local audit firms who utilize our services for giving the financial auditor the assurance on the controls in and around IT systems.

IT Consultancy

We can also provide customers with IT consultancy services and recommend technical solutions on software, hardware and networking based on best practice and industry standards. We can also provide you with sourcing and outsourcing arrangement through our network of partners.

Security Testing

Kyte is also in a position to offer vulnerability scanning services as well as Attack and Penetration testing on your inside or external facing servers. We have provided such services to a number of high profile customers which are wholly dependent on their information systems. Whilst vulnerability scanning involves a fully automated process, which can be configured to match the scope of your network, penetration testing involves a combination of both manual and automated techniques. A penetration test attempts to carry out an analysis of your infrastructure just like a hacker would. We are in a position to provide black box and white box testing as well as internal and external testing.

Another service we can provide is Web Application Scanning, which is an automated test specifically targeted for application vulnerabilities. This test is based on a small subscription charge and allows you to conduct unlimited tests on your application, a valuable resource for your developers.

Malta, as an EU member, has adopted the Prevention of Money Laundering and funding of terrorism directives. Malta enacted the Prevention of Money Laundering Act and regulations which are designed to ensure that monies passing through Maltese entities have not originated from any criminal activities.

Kyte can assist you to develop internal procedures which ensure that you comply with your statutory obligations. We can help you develop procedures based on your type of operation and risks your organization faces.

One of the statutory requirements is to provide training to your employees to ensure that they are aware of their obligations and how to discharge them. Organisations falling within the scope of the legislation must also appoint a Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) who must report suspicious transactions to the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit. We can also assist you in discharging this obligation or to provide training to your employees.

Through reputable partners, Kyte is in a position to assist in obtaining Legal Advice on a variety of subjects spanning different industries. These services range from TAX services, preparation of commercial contracts, intellectual property and others.

- Company Law
- Gaming Regulations & related laws
- Tax
- Data Protection
- Intellectual Property
- Civil Law
- Drafting and negotiating contracts
- MFSA licensing
- Individual Investors Programme (IIP)

Kyte Consultants have been appointed as resellers of Featurespace Fraud Management and Responsible Gaming Solutions for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Featurespace has developed the world's leading machine learning (artificial intelligence) fraud, risk and compliance management solutions for the gaming, insurance and financial services sector.

The Featurespace ARIC™ system allows you to;

Monitor individual customer behaviour across all transactional data.

Increase customer acceptance by accurately understanding legitimate customer behaviour on an individual basis.

Spot and block new fraud attacks by detecting anomalies in behaviour.

A leading organisation compared the Featurespace ARIC™ system to their existing fraud solution and came up with the following results;

There was a 40% increase in the level of fraud that was detected.

There was an 80% reduction in card not present CNP online fraud.

There was a 50% reduction in the number of Fraud Analysts that were required to run the department.

The ARIC™ system detected highest volumes of fraud on the days of heaviest fraud attacks and all new fraud attacks were spotted automatically.

Kyte Consultants offer a range of online as well as on-premise training courses that are tailored to meet the specific requirements for companies that wish to comply with various standards and legislations such as PCI DSS, AntiMoney Laundering, Information Security Management as well as Data Protection.

  • Information Security Awareness
  • PCI DSS Training
  • Secure Coding Training
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Training and Awareness
  • Data Protection Training and Awareness


The training courses are scheduled throughout the calendar year or can be delivered during specific dates to suit the needs of your organization. Please contact to register for our training courses or to discuss your specific requirements in more detail.


Our next courses for Secure Coding Training are scheduled to run on the following dates;

Date: 16th May 2017

Date: 06th June 2017


PCI DSS training is available on-demand using our eLearning solution.

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Remote Gaming
Data Protection
IT Assurance
Anti-Money Laundering
Legal Assistance
Fraud Management Solutions
Alan Alden

Alan began his career as a banker in 1979 and later developed into an Information Systems Auditor and led the bank’s IT Audit section. In 2000 he left to join Deloitte, where he set up the Enterprise Risk Services department. In 2000 he also began assisting and advising the first remote gaming companies to come to Malta, and continued to specialise in this field.


In 2006 Alan, together with his now-business partner Trevor, decided to take their destiny into their own hands by forming Kyte Consultants Ltd, specialising in the remote gaming and the payment card industry. Contact Advisory Services was the brainchild of Kyte Consultants and Gaming Consulting and today it offers their clients a complete service from one trustworthy organisation.


Additionally, Alan is the current General Secretary of the Malta Remote Gaming Council.

Trevor Axiak
Trevor graduated from the University of Malta in 1999 with a degree in Information Technology. As he developed his technical background, he was first employed as a network administrator before joining Deloitte in 2001 to work as an IT auditor, which simultaneously launched his career in consulting. He was involved in numerous IT audit assignments as well as consulting projects for various clients in different industry sectors. At the age of 29, Trevor set up Kyte Consultants Ltd with his business partner Alan, before co-launching Contact Advisory Services in 2009. He is a very hands-on, experienced individual and a point of reference for many of his clients. Trevor is a Certified Information Systems Auditor, a Qualified Security Assessor for PCI DSS and holds other Information Security qualifications.


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