KSi Malta is a tax, legal advisory and corporate services firm providing a wide range of services to both local and international clients.

For 40 years the firm has provided cost effective solutions and custom-made advice to hundreds of established clients worldwide. KSi Malta specialises in tax advice, and has several tax consultants assisting clients in this regard both in Malta and also on an international scale.

KSi Malta is a member of Morison KSi, a global association of leading professional service firms, established to meet cross-border accounting, auditing, tax and business consulting needs of clients. It consists of 159 member firms, is present in 84 countries, employs over 10,000 staff, and has a turnover of over $1 billion



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Dennis Mark Gauci
Dennis Mark Gauci


Joseph Gauci

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Dennis Mark Gauci

March 1999
KSi Malta is a tax, legal advisory and corporate services firm providing a wide range of services to both local and international clients. For 40 years the firm has provided cost effective solutions and custom-made advice to hundreds of established clients worldwide. KSi Malta specialises in tax advice, and has several tax consultants assisting clients in this regard both in Malta and also on an international scale. KSi Malta is a member of Morison KSi, a global association of leading professional service firms, established to meet cross-border accounting, auditing, tax and business consulting needs of clients. It consists of 159 member firms, is present in 84 countries, employs over 10,000 staff, and has a turnover of over $1 billion
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KSi Malta offers a unique blend of business and technical expertise. We focus on efficient delivery and on ensuring that innovative ideas are effectively translated into practical solutions, specifically designed to positively transform our clients’ businesses. Our range of IT services and solutions address a variety of vertical business segments. After sitting with the client we start off by creating a thorough feasibility study of the project. Once we deem it is beneficial for our clients to proceed, we then collaborate with them once again to outline the most efficient and effective solutions for their business and implement them in a way that firmly places our clients in full control of their IT resources; without losing focus on their core business. With 30 years of experience in the Information Technology sector, our IT people have worked on projects ranging from Hospitality Services, Financial Institutions, iGaming, Compliances for fiscal audits, Custom Tailored Software to software solutions for the Health Sector both locally and in foreign territories. KSi Malta is a one-stop firm offering various services for acquiring an edge over your business competitors.
At KSi Malta, we provide clients with a full range of accounting, VAT and income tax compliance services including the setting up and maintenance of accounting systems (IT and non-IT oriented), periodical preparation and analysis of management accounts, budgets and cash flow. Our approach reflects our experience and demonstrates an understanding of our clients needs. Our range of audit and accountancy services offers clients reassurance from a technical perspective, enthusiasm and responsiveness. Each audit is headed by a dedicated partner and qualified team whose job is to ensure that we deliver what we promise. We continuously seek to perform our audit work with integrity which ultimately enables us to issue an independent opinion. Our audit approach is not a hostile one, but rather is based on regular contact and discussion with the client with the aim to provide early advice on any potential issues and recommend ways for improvement. Your audit partner will be expertly placed to put you in touch with the many specialist services you may require as your business grows.
If you are looking to set up a Maltese company we can assist in its formation. You can choose a tailor-made company with a name of your choice (subject to availability) or a ready-made company (off the shelf), which is available for purchase and immediate trading. In both cases, we can help you with the process of incorporation and can also coordinate the process of changing a company name. Our company formation services comprise the preparation and submission of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, registration for Income Tax and VAT (if necessary) and opening of a bank account with a Maltese bank. The share capital of a new company may be denominated in any foreign currency and not necessarily Euro (€). There is a minimum capital requirement amounting to €1,160 in private companies with only 20% of the issued share capital necessary to be paid up. Given that at the time of company formation, the company would still not have a bank account, the share capital must be remitted to a “company in formation” bank account with a local bank. Our company formation services are not only limited to Malta, but owing to our membership in international networks we are also in a position to assist in the formation and management of non-Maltese companies.

Finding the right Corporate and Private Tax advisers that have the experience and technical knowledge to help in keeping your business or personal costs at a minimum is challenging. KSi Malta has the right tax consultants that give practical, commercially driven and risk-assessed advice from corporate tax to private tax planning while offering a sensible fee structure at the same time. Our corporate tax services include: • Reorganising and Structuring (in Malta and internationally) • Mergers and Acquisitions • Share valuations for tax purposes • Corporate tax compliance (tax returns, application for tax refunds, applications for financial year extensions, etc.) • Tax accounting • Capital Allowances Our private tax services include: • Registration of individuals with the Malta tax authorities • Assistance with obtaining national residence • Assistance with applying for specialized tax residence schemes such as the High Net Worth Individuals Scheme, Global Residence Programme, Highly Qualified Persons Scheme and the Malta Retirement Programme (for more information on these, please click here) • Personal accounting and tax compliance services • Financial and succession planning

As part of our corporate finance services, we specialise in advising companies on any type of Letters of Credit as well as assisting with the preparation of any documents which need to be presented to banks. At KSi Malta, we have extensive experience in the processing of Letters of Credit, particularly when dealing with Letters of Credit issued by North African and European Banks. Why KSi Malta? •we have unique experience and connections with international banks; •we are able to assist you in obtaining confirmation of Letters of Credit through Maltese or international banks; •we undertake a pre-review of your documentation and advise on any potential issues that could arise prior to shipping thereby facilitating faster payments; •we guarantee expert preparation of all documents, including any certificates required, giving you peace of mind in knowing that everything is being handled professionally; •we strive to keep your banking fees at a minimum; and •we provide follow-up support as required on any issues that may arise.
At KSi Malta we can provide you with all the necessary information and guide you through the aircraft registration process to ensure that it is achieved in the shortest and most efficient time possible. We can advise you on the criteria to be fulfilled in registering aircraft under different categories of ownership, whether for private or public use; sole owners, fractional owners or trustees; EU/EAA/Swiss nationals or for International Registrants.
Time is precious - you want to make the best use of it and just get on with running your business. However, meeting statutory obligations and complying with the Companies Act requirements & deadlines is likewise essential. At KSi Malta, we have developed a company secretarial service to free up your valuable time. By taking over routine statutory tasks, we can give you assurance that you are complying with your obligations – both accurately and on time. Our secretarial services include: •Formation of Companies; •Filing of statutory documents abridged accounts, full set of financial statements, annual return etc) accurately and on time; •Maintaining your statutory records; •Preparing the minutes and resolutions of your General Meetings; •Dealing with appointments and resignations of officers; •Assistance with the opening of bank accounts; •Company name search; •General search of a company’s basic structure; and •Document searches – company latest accounts and annual return.
Finding the right corporate adviser who has the enthusiasm, commitment and necessary skills to help you fulfil your needs and aspirations, is in itself a difficult task. Our ethos is straightforward - we want our clients to be successful. Our considerable experience and industry know-how has enabled us to specialise in dealing with entrepreneurial business owners seeking to maximise the opportunities available to smaller and medium sized companies. The range of sectors our corporate finance advisory division offers include industrial and manufacturing, leisure and hospitality, medical and healthcare, technology and ICT, and green energy and transportation. Cash is the lifeblood of a successful and dynamic business. You may be looking to raise capital or debt to enable expansion, fund acquisitions, for restructuring or just requiring short-term working capital. We can help you assess the right form of capital best suited to your requirements and guide you through the fundraising process. In particular we provide assistance in connection with: •Letters of Credit; •Venture Capital Opportunities; •Factoring; •Reviewing and arranging credit lines, overdrafts or loan facilities; and •Identifying and availing of possible EU Funds
Although we can offer assistance in connection with to voluntary liquidations, and make sure that all compliance requirements of the Companies Act are satisfied, it may not be necessary for a company to liquidate and go out of existence. By taking the proper advice, a company can turn things around and continue to operate stably. At KSi Malta, we pride ourselves in giving realistic, pragmatic and commercial advice, as well as having the ability to recognise and deal with the sensitivities of any particular situation. We offer a full range of insolvency and business recovery services, including viability and security reviews, restructuring and new business opportunities. Our extensive international footprint has seen our team coordinate across a large number of cross-border assignments. The strength of our international network affiliations enables us to offer a fast and consistent service which ensures that our clients’ interests in cross-border restructurings are quickly protected and that value is maximised. Our team has the skill and experience necessary to deal practically and commercially with any corporate recovery and personal insolvency situation in various industry sectors.
KSi Malta focuses on accessing and managing EU funding, providing both guidance and hands-on support to various organisations (be they private companies, public organisations, or NGOs) in the application and project management phases. Public or in-house training on these matters is also being provided. Hands-on support Advising and supporting organisations in exploring, accessing and managing EU funding for the implementation of their activities and achievement of their objectives. Assistance is provided all along the project life cycle stage, for both EU funding administered directly from Brussels and for Malta based programmes falling under the Structural Funds: •Initiation - identifying appropriate funding programmes for clients’ envisaged initiatives and assessing the feasibility of receiving such funding support; •Application - developing ideas into structured projects, searching for European partners as necessary, representing the client in European fora and networks, drafting and submitting funding proposals; •Implementation - negotiating the grant agreement with the European Commission funding body, managing the project and the consortium, promoting the project, grant administration, technical and financial reporting; •Follow-up - devising a plan for the exploitation of results, organising outreach activities, coordinating and conducting workshops, seminars, trainings; •Evaluation - preparing the audit trail necessary for any post-implementation checks from EC.
In line with Malta’s credentials for establishing iGaming operations, we provide assistance and advise to clients interested in acquiring a gaming license in Malta. Although this process is relatively fast and efficient, prospective license holders still require a Maltese representative with considerable knowledge and experience in the field – at KSi Malta we can be your point of reference in Malta for all you iGaming requirements. Our services include: •Company formation, incorporation and maintenance; •Advice and assistance throughout all the phases of the application process; •Legal and regulatory consultation; •Compliance assistance (including data protection compliance and anti-money laundering compliance); •Guidance on fiscal issues; •ICT advisory; •Links through our network of service providers that include software and telecommunication infrastructure providers, accounting and auditing firms, and other support service providers.
Maltese employment and industrial relations legislation seeks to safeguard the interests of both employers and employees. Harmonious relations between employers and employees are essential for the success of any business enterprise and unfortunately conflicts between parties are the order of the day in many companies. If not managed well, conflict can have serious adverse and costly repercussions. At KSi Malta we believe in using various alternative dispute resolutions, whenever possible. These alternative methods are normally informal and confidential processes which include, but are not limited, to negotiation and mediation. Amongst the multiple benefits which can be derived from these processes is a much swifter and less costly resolution of disputes and conflicts. Very often such processes are deemed to be face saving and much less adversarial and confrontational than the ordinary litigation processes which dominate the existing customs up till now. KSi Malta is offering assistance to both employers and employees on their mutual rights and obligations arising from employment relationships. Such assistance and advice includes the drafting of employment manuals, contracts of employment and advice on matters relating to redundancy, dismissals and Tupe. We also offer assistance in the negotiation of collective agreements and liaison with the Maltese employment authorities as well as assistance in the implementation and/or the demise of incentive schemes, work permits and assistance with proceedings before the Industrial Tribunal.
Companies and individuals could be generating Intellectual Property (IP) without being conscious that such property has a value and ought to be protected. Experience has shown us that many companies do not place an importance on policies regarding the recognition and protection of intellectual property. Ensuring the protection of intellectual property is a necessary function for all businesses, as the exposure of these resources could lead to large financial and competitive losses. By planning ahead and deploying effective security strategies, holders can mitigate concerns associated with IP, and focus on other business goals and operations. Nonetheless, we are aware of the fact that lack of expertise in this highly specialised field renders such a task problematic. Besides advising and assisting companies in structuring their IP in the most tax efficient way, we also assist in the registration and licensing of IP rights including Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks and Trade names. Owing to our international representation, licensing could also be undertaken in reputable registers outside Malta.
KSi Malta offers a results-based approach to international business development. We look for great opportunities in traditional and growth industries. We establish strategic meetings with a diverse group of potential partners, business and government experts. Our services include: •Market, economic and political overview – information gathering to establish a shared fact base about the potential opportunities and the choices available •Partnership identification •Investment overview •Cost and logistics environment •Recommendations •Implementation – plan and execution
Purchasing, Logistics, Transport & Operations KSi Malta offers a comprehensive professional advice at every step of the supply chain process – from the supply chain strategy, procurement and purchasing research and planning to logistics and transport assistance, implementation and operations support. Having the right strategy, right people with the right qualities at the right place, taking decisions at the right time are the keys to success in supply chain management. KSi Malta takes a holistic view to assessing supply chain strategy. Clients' reasons for reviewing their strategies range from acquisitions, to changing business requirements, to purely wishing to assess, optimise and improve their current situation. Whichever the case it is essential to understand the current and anticipated future business objectives and strategies together with policies for sourcing, procurement, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and customer service. KSi Malta is involved in all of these in any assessment together with HR, IT and finance functions. Our focus is to ensure that the supply chain is aligned to the business objectives and strategies and to develop a supply chain structure and organisation which is both efficient and sustainable and will provide a solid basis for the company to develop the business successfully. Our objectives are to: •Improve processes, flows & operations •Reduce complexity, waste & costs •Reduce working capital •Improve product availabilit •Improve customer service •Increase sales Our services are geared to the individual stages of a planned move towards internationalisation: •Evaluation and testing of short, medium and long-term supply chain strategies; •Strategy development and validation, supply chain strategies, distribution and customer service strategie;. •Demand and supply analysis to validate growth plans and channels strategies; •Sales & Operations Planning and Inventory Management; •Network Design - Modelling & Simulation; •Transport Optimisation; •Supply Chain 'Best Practice' and Benchmarking; •Implementation Management; •Lean Logistics; •Compliance; •Supply Chain Training. Today, professional integrated supply chain management is the key to gaining that competitive edge. And because we know that every client is unique, each solution can be customised to meet current needs and to ensure you gain maximum benefit.
KSi Malta offers personalised advice at every step of the exporting process – from research, strategy and planning to assistance with procuring finance for market entry and expansion. Having the right contacts is one of the keys to success in domestic and overseas marketing. KSi Malta’s extensive international networks include hundreds of solid contacts. The firm provides a range of international marketing services that can be utilised on a stand-alone basis. Our services are geared to the individual stages of a planned move towards internationalisation: Strategy: •Evaluation and testing of short-term and long-term business strategies. •Strategy development and validation, market entry strategies, distribution and customer service strategies. •Demand and revenue analysis to validate growth plans and set pricing strategies. •Evaluation of major strategic investment decisions including R&D, capital investments and related risk mitigating strategies. •Deal structuring and finance raising advice. •Analysis to support business negotiations. •Brand strategy development, marketing ROI and performance management. •In-depth customer/consumer analysis, consumer segmentation and identification of key trends and buyer behaviour, based on extensive primary research. Assessing Market Potential: •Formulating and overall company sales and marketing strategy for International Markets. •An analysis of the current competition in Targeted Niches. •Identification of the best potential Customers and Sales Channels. •Market Research with potential Clients and Agents. •Analysis of current and projected Political and Economic Climate. •Development of a Local Sales Force and Foreign Agents, Strategic Alliances and Direct Market presence Assistance and Preparation: •Accompanying the Directors of the company to meetings with potential partners. •Organising market visits. •Organising meeting itineraries in different countries. •Organising meetings with: oGovernment Authorities. oCommercial Banks and Financial Institutions. oChambers of Commerce and Trade Associations. Marketing Communications Today, professional communication is the key to gaining that competitive edge. And because we know that every client is unique, each solution can be customised to meet current needs and ensures you gain maximum benefit.
Payroll is becoming more complex given the continuously evolving income tax, social security and labour law provisions. KSi Malta offers an efficient and effective means by which a business’ payroll needs are fulfilled. Besides being highly cost effective, outsourcing your payroll function ensures high levels of confidentiality, especially with respect to executive remunerations, as well as offering the following benefits: •provides assurance that payroll requirements are properly fulfilled as these will be performed by qualified, experienced staff; •accurate and timely payroll financial information could be produced for periodic and annual accounts; and •avoids the need to invest in acquiring and maintaining specialised payroll software. By assisting you with your payroll needs we do not only provide you with sealed, ready-to-post payslips, but rather our list of payroll-related services is exhaustive and includes: •dealing with all starters, leavers, deduction and changes; •production of reports as required, sent to you by post and/or electronically; •dealing with and submitting tax forms such as FS3, FS4, FS5 and FS7; •dealing with any queries you or your staff may have such as marriage and maternity leave entitlement and implications, mothers returning to work etc.
KSi Malta provides its clients with tailor made regulatory strategies and solutions when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to: •Regulatory Affairs Services •Medical Products & API Licensing •Wholesale Dealers License Attainment •VWL Attainment (Virtual Wholesale Dealer’s License) •Contract Laboratory Testing and Batch Release •Contract Manufacturing •Contract QP and RP Services •GMP/GDP Audit •Training and Education •EU Market accession •Local Representation We understand that clients require fast turnaround times due to competitive pressures and fully appreciate that the first-to-market approach is of critical importance. That is why our team of highly specialised regulatory professionals is available round the clock, protecting our clients’ investments. Malta is the ideal place to conduct your business thanks to its highly skilled English speaking professional workforce and booming pharmaceutical industry. Since its accession into the EU in 2004, Malta’s responsibilities as a member state include conformity assessments (Mutual Recognition) with other member states and non-EU countries. This is ideal for companies who set up in Malta and require recognition inside and out of the EU. Malta also boasts a positive financial regulatory environment with one of the lowest effective tax rates in the EU. The local competent authority, the Malta Medicines Authority, is very consistent with its deadlines and timeframes and charges some of the most inexpensive fees in Europe. KSi Malta, through its experts, is constantly in liaison with the Authority and frequently reserves slots to ensure timely outcomes for projects entrusted in our care.
Ship Registration in Malta has been on the increase these past few years thanks to the island’s strategic location, which helped it to become the largest shipping register in Europe and one of the largest ship registers in the world. Yacht registration is very popular in Malta, thanks to favourable tax incentives. Vessels in Malta are registered both for commercial and leisure purposes. The Maltese flag is not a flag of convenience but is well respected around the world. The registration of ships and yachts under the Maltese flag offers many advantages, including: •low company formation and vessel registration costs, •no restrictions on the nationality of the ship owner, •tax exemptions or minimal tax obligations, •no restrictions on the nationality of the captain, officers and crew. Being a small island with limited natural resources, Malta has long viewed the maritime industry as a pillar of strength and for this reason has sought to cultivate and equip it in the best of ways. Malta’s ports and maritime infrastructure are among the best in Europe offering easy access at reasonable costs. KSi Malta offers various services for the registration and maintenance of vessels and yachts under the Maltese Shipping Register and the guidance of the Malta Maritime Authority.
The Malta Individual Investor Programme (IIP) provides for the issuance of citizenship of Malta through the grant of a certificate of naturalization to foreign individuals, who contribute to the economic development of Malta, and their families. KSi Malta is licensed and authorized by Identity Malta Agency as an Accredited Person, meaning that we are authorized to submit applications. For your benefit, before proceeding with submitting the actual application, we shall perform the necessary due diligence checks and give you an indication of whether the application is likely to succeed or not KSi Malta can also act as a one-stop-shop for you, meaning that we can also help you find real estate, and guide you throughout all the application process.
KSi Malta is able to provide you with the right advice, at the right time, to help your business succeed in maximising VAT and stamp duty efficiencies. Our tax team will provide you with tailored services to help meet your objectives. VAT registration is sometimes taken for granted; however, a particular VAT registration may be necessary and/or more beneficial for your business than another. Furthermore, VAT is subject to specific regulations and exemptions and needs to be levied correctly. Our advice will ensure your organisation abides with VAT regulation without incurring unnecessary costs in the future. Succession planning is perhaps one of the most critical elements of a company’s life cycle. If not planned correctly the negative financial impact for the company and individuals involved can be significant. Unfortunately, after spending a life of hard work in building up a strong and valued company, lack of an effective succession plan often results in a bitter exit. Although succession planning is not always at the forefront in the mind of most business-owners, whether you plan to sell your business, wind it up or pass it on to your descendants, it is essential to plan your strategy carefully from an early stage. There are several strategies that KSi Malta can advise on and help implement, and with our specialist tax expertise, we can help you find the most tax-efficient and effective method regarding the future succession of your business, as well as guiding you strategically to ensure that this will be a smooth and simple process.
At KSi Malta, we understand the unique needs of venture investors and emerging companies, and as part of our corporate financial services we continuously seek to take advantage of any arising venture capital opportunities. KSi Malta has strong and exclusive relationships with several international leading venture capital and private equity firms, and can provide clients with creative and cost effective solutions to meet their capital needs. In addition, being part of various international networks, KSi Malta offers its clients the possibility to have access to specialists in other countries worldwide. By identifying the best possible partners for your venture, we can help you raise the necessary funds in time, while offering several fresh perspectives to review your business concepts at the same time. Despite the idea of venture capital being so appealing, unless you make the use of a reputable professional firm, finding the right investors can be very difficult. KSi Malta is one of Malta’s most experienced professional firms in this area, and we are more than willing to assist you in giving your business ideas an effective push.
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