Avanzia Taxand is exclusively Taxand Malta.  Taxand is the global network of leading tax advisors.

Avanzia Taxand is dedicated to delivering top quality, tailored and practical strategic tax advice and a range of corporate services to drive the performance of businesses.  Avanzia Taxand provides a comprehensive range of tax advisory and tax compliance services as well as a variety of specialist corporate services to its extensive array of international clients. Our partners lead every engagement from start to finish, and achieve excellence and efficiencies for our clients, globally.

Avanzia Taxand is the leading tax firm in Malta and was named ‘Malta Tax Firm of the Year’ by the International Tax Review in 2009, 2013 and 2016, whilst in 2011, 2014, 2015 and 2016 it was named ‘Malta Tax Firm of the Year’ by Corporate International.

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Adapting to a changing tax landscape

Walter Cutajar, Managing Director of Avanzia Taxand Malta
As an influx of regulations is reshaping the business of tax advisers and consultants, Walter Cutajar of Avanzia Taxand urges companies to make sure that they comply with the new rules.


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Walter Cutajar
Managing Director


Latest Articles & Insights

Adapting to a changing tax landscape

Walter Cutajar, Managing Director of Avanzia Taxand Malta
As an influx of regulations is reshaping the business of tax advisers and consultants, Walter Cutajar of Avanzia Taxand urges companies to make sure that they comply with the new rules.
Walter Cutajar
Walter Cutajar
Managing Director


Walter Cutajar

Managing Director

Company Information

25 May 2005
Limited Liability Company
English, Italian, Maltese
Malta is Europe’s fastest growing financial services centre. Legislation which was enacted in late 1994, and subsequently amended in 2004 and 2007, provides a regulatory framework for financial services activities and international business. Malta's wide Double Tax Treaty Network, as well as other methods for relieving Double Taxation on cross border transactions, provides an excellent basis for establishing tax efficient structures. Malta’s system is particularly attractive for holding companies, intellectual property companies, finance or treasury operations, captives and funds. Malta-based companies which have foreign-source income may claim a Flat Rate Foreign Tax Credit to reduce the effective Malta tax which is payable. Meanwhile, the system of tax credits and tax refunds, which operate under Malta’s full imputation system, continue to prove very attractive for companies with foreign source income such as interest and royalties. The introduction of the participation exemption regime in 2007, which is applicable to dividend income as well as capital gains from participating holdings, continue to make Malta even more attractive for holding companies. Captive Insurance Companies, or Affiliated Insurance Companies as they are known in Malta, Collective Investment Schemes and Professional Investor Funds, are also attractive vehicles because of the regulatory environment, tax exemptions and the single passport rights. Aside from the modern regulatory framework and efficient tax system, Malta has the additional advantages of a central location, qualified and flexible human resources, a developed and stable infrastructure and a flexible operating cost base that can provide excellent opportunities and incentives for your enterprise. Our firm can help you set up in Malta and assist you as your business develops. We provide advice on setup structures and assist with any applications that may be necessary. We also provide company management and administration services, directorships, company secretarial and back office operations.
The right environment for treaty planning Malta has a wide and rapidly expanding treaty network, with most treaties based on the OECD model. Avanzia Taxand provides comprehensive treaty advice to make a difference to your company. We can assist with issues relating to permanent establishments, withholding taxes and the elimination of double taxation. Although Malta does not impose any withholding taxes on outgoing dividends, interest or royalties, we may still advise on withholding taxes to minimise the tax leakage incoming dividends, interest or royalties and how to recover such tax The reduced treaty rates on dividends, interest and royalties paid to a resident of Malta are available on our factsheet entitled ‘Double Taxation Relief’.
Thinking ahead for your enterprise Avanzia Taxand may act as your tax representative and may also advise companies on their statutory obligations. Thus, Avanzia Taxand may assist with advice on specific and complex transactions, as well as on tax-efficient structures for business operations. Our services in this field include advice on corporate and group reorganisations that enable your business to make full use of tax relief, deductions, and tax credits and incentives. Our tax experts also advise on issues relating to: Holding and financing structures; Intellectual property and royalty planning; Capital gains tax; Transfers of immovable and movable property; Mergers and acquisitions; Other related matters. We may also assist in the discussions, negotiations and application for an Advance Revenue Ruling from the International Tax Unit of the Inland Revenue Department.
Putting your company on the right track with tax matters Apart from advising companies on their statutory obligations, Avanzia Taxand may assist with the: Preparation of income tax computations, income tax returns and related schedules for submission to the Inland Revenue Department; Registration of shareholders for tax refund purposes; Preparation of tax refund claims; The checking of tax statements and the filing of adjustment forms, objections and appeals; The management of post-assessment correspondence; Negotiations with the Inland Revenue Department; Tax payments and tax refunds; Other administrative duties. We offer a Tax Support service - a clear and comprehensive facility designed to relieve you of time-consuming tax compliance requirements. Our tax consultants and compliance officers will plan and manage your company's tax affairs, eliminating the risks of penalties for non-compliance with statutory requirements.
Achieving your tax objectives At Avanzia Taxand our services for individuals are directed at helping you to achieve your objectives in an orderly and efficient manner. We will prepare and submit your income tax declarations and returns, as well as check statements or assessments issued by the Inland Revenue Department. We may also handle adjustment forms, objections, and appeals, and we will negotiate with Inland Revenue Department officials to settle tax disputes. Apart from routine compliance work, we offer comprehensive tax planning and advice on income tax and capital gains tax, property taxes, duty on documents, employment packages and fringe benefits, as well as estate and investment planning.
Adding value to VAT Our tax professionals will assist you with any routine Value Added Tax (VAT) requirements such as VAT registration and de-registration, preparation and submission of VAT returns, as well as other compliance requirements and VAT claims. We also give advice on VAT issues including the VAT Act and guidelines issued by the VAT Department.
A one-stop-shop incorporation service At Avanzia Taxand, we provide a one-stop-shop incorporation service. You won’t have to tour the Island, as we will be able to complete whatever is necessary from the luxury of our offices. Our offices, situated fifteen minutes from the airport, are conveniently located for foreign clients who wish to visit us when in Malta. Our knowledgeable team will discuss your requirements and assist you with the following: Name reservation with the Registry of Companies; Drafting of the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association and all incorporation documents; Application to the Inland Revenue Department for duty on documents exemption; Registration of the company with the Registry of Companies, with the Inland Revenue Department and with the VAT Department; Appointment of tax representatives; Opening of bank account in the name of the company. Should you wish to download our Company Incorporation Forms Booklet please click here.
We have the knowledge and the expertise As part of our services, Avanzia Taxand provides management and administration services to a wide range of international clients. We may also sit on the board of directors, provide legal and judicial representation, or act as company secretary. Our team may assist in the preparation of all book-keeping and accounting records and ensure that the company satisfies all compliance requirements.
Best practice on trusts and trustees At Avanzia Taxand we have professional relationships with companies licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority to provide fiduciary or nominee services under The Trusts and Trustees Act. We follow the industry's best practice due diligence guidelines to satisfy the obligations under the local prevention of money laundering regulations, which reflect international practices. We are also bound by professional secrecy requirements to protect your identity and confidentiality.
Qualified to assist you At Avanzia Taxand, our knowledgeable staff is qualified to assist with company secretarial duties such as: Maintaining members’ registers and minute books; Preparing and submitting statutory forms and resolutions to the Registry of Companies; Preparing and submitting the company’s annual return; Attending to the payment of all registration fees; Issuance of share certificates; Assistance in obtaining Corporate documentation as certified true copies, legalised and apostilled. We can also advise you on local company law and corporate transactions on certain company law matters, and we will assist you with the drafting of contracts (such as employment contracts) and commercial agreements.
There when you need us At Avanzia Taxand we also provide a range of other specialist services to help facilitate your business, including: Redomiciliation of companies both inwards and outwards; Back Office operations such as book-keeping and the preparation of management accounts; Liquidation and the striking off of companies including the preparation of winding up accounts and the scheme of distribution; Yacht registration; Licensing requirement and liaising with the MFSA.
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Walter Cutajar

Walter Cutajar

Walter Cutajar is Managing Director of Avanzia Taxand.

With over 20 years experience in local and international tax, Walter maintains a reputation of adopting a commercial approach to his advice. Working with predominantly multi-national companies, he has provided structuring and transactional consultation on the complete range of corporate tax activities, including mergers and acquisitions, company reorganisations and cross-border restructurings.

Walter currently advises a number of multi-national companies and sits on the board of directors of a number of companies including finance companies, captives and investment vehicles.  Aside from his wealth of experience in international tax matters, including tax planning, treaty interpretation and advice, he also has a great deal of knowledge on corporate matters, company law, management, and administration. He specialises in treaty planning, holding companies, intellectual property, and treasury and finance operations.

During his time as a Big 4 partner, he was responsible for the firm’s tax department and was a regular participant in international tax conferences and events. He continues to give various lectures and presentations, and is the author of various taxation articles. For a number of years he was an examiner in taxation with the UK’s Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Walter holds a first degree in Accounting and a post-graduate qualification in International Tax Law. He is a fellow of the Malta Institute of Accountants, a member of the Institute of Financial Accountants in the UK, a member of the Malta Institute of Taxation, a member of the Institute of Financial Services Practitioners, a member of the International Fiscal Association, and was involved in various councils and committees in the fields of taxation and financial services.


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