Ones to Watch: BeeWits

BeeWits is the brainchild of Switch – Digital & Brand, a digital and brand agency based in Malta which is growing rapidly.

Ones to Watch: AQS Med Ltd

"Ones to Watch" looks at AQS Med Ltd, a highly specialised engineering company offering clean energy solutions to the residential, commercial and industrial market. Founded in 2010, the company was initially focused on solar photovoltaic projects and has now diversified into smart building automation, LED lighting and electric vehicles.

Ones to Watch: Altern

Altern was set up in 2008 with the objective to tackle issues related to energy. The company aims at providing simple and effective sustainable solutions that are both financially end environmentally feasible.

Ones to Watch: Blackcoffer Europe Ltd.

Blackcoffer Europe Limited was founded in 2017 by Ajay Bidyarthy, Patrick Clark and Dr. Elaine Sammut. The firm, which specialises in the provision of data analytics services, is the European associate of the Indian company Blackcoffer (OPC) Pvt Ltd.

Ones to Watch: Thought3D

Founded in 2014, Thought3D is an R&D start-up based in Malta that specialises in 3D printing. The company is now looking at establishing a smart materials division that would develop solutions for a range of sectors.

Ones to Watch: MMH Malta Limited

"Ones to Watch" looks at MMH Malta Ltd, a highly specialised service company offering services to the marine, oil & gas industry. The company, which was founded in 2001 by Paul Abela, is tasked with developing the Mediterranean Maritime Hub.

Ones to Watch: Biz Cab

Biz Cab is a taxi company for business people and companies. Founded in 2017 by three entrepreneurs - Ryan Galea, Benjamin Carlotti and Valéry Bollier - the company is in the process of growing the size of its fleet.

Ones to Watch: Hawk Aerospace

Hawk Aerospace was founded in 2004 by Roger Archer. The company specialises in the creation of reliable and cost-effective solutions for commercial aviation, defence, homeland security, space and airport operations.

Ones to Watch: Sherpa

Founded in 2015, Sherpa is a disruptive insurance start-up that is shaking up the traditional insurance model to benefit consumers.

Ones to Watch: Shake Bench

"Ones to Watch" looks at Shake Bench, a start-up that was originally founded with the aim to empower people who want to be remote and office independent. The company was founded by 28 year old Eman Mifsud in 2016.

Ones to Watch: Altaro Software

Ones to Watch looks at Altaro Software, a fast-growing developer which provides full-featured and affordable backup software. The company was founded in Malta in 2009 and has grown rapidly over the years.

Ones to Watch: FreeHour

"Ones to Watch" looks at FreeHour, a mobile application start-up that helps students to manage their time. The company was founded by 19 year old student Zach Ciappara in 2017, and it has impressively grown up in the last five months.

Ones to Watch: Ledger Projects

"Ones to Watch" looks at Ledger Projects, one of the first companies investing in Malta in the Distributed Ledger Technologies field. The company has launched its first blockchain application and is expected to be a major growth story in the future.



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