Yachting industry strong in Malta

Malta is a world leader in the registration of commercial yachts: the island is a leading jurisdiction for the provision of corporate, legal, and tax services to both owners and financiers.

The Malta Stock Exchange launches three Bond Indices

Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna inaugurated the launch of three bond indices by the Malta Stock Exchange (MSE). The MSE Corporate Bonds Total Return Index, the Malta Government Stocks Total Return Index and the MSE Balanced Bonds Total Return Index.

Smart Contracts: Automating the Audit Processes

While the DLT technology itself is still at its infancy and various technical hurdles need to be overcome before mainstream adoption becomes possible, the future implementation of blockchain technology will change the way we conduct our daily business.

Malta: One of the Most Dynamic Economies in the EU

The European Commission described Malta as one of the most dynamic economies in the EU in its Winter 2019 Economic Forecast as Malta secured the highest forecasted economic growth rate in the EU for the years 2019 and 2020.



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