Mark Wadsworth
COO & CPO at Global Gaming Group and MD at Global Gaming Malta

Pioneer of the PayNPlay Model

Global Gaming took the customer experience to a new level when it launched the PayNPlay model, a solution that is now being emulated by all major operators in the industry. The company created a way for people to play online without the need to complete a tedious, time-consuming registration form - says Mark Wadsworth, COO & CPO at Global Gaming Group and Managing Director at Global Gaming Malta.

Steve Grech
Chairman of the Financial Institutions Association Malta (FIMA)

New regulatory framework transforms payments sector and brings about new opportunities – FIMA Chairman

2018 is a game-changing year for banks and payment services providers as the Payments Services Directive 2 (PSD2) came into effect on January, 13. The new EU Directive aims to increase innovation, transparency and competition within the sector, requiring European banks to open their infrastructures to licensed third-party providers. This will enable more companies to get into the payments space, says Steve Grech, Chairman of the recently launched Financial Institutions Malta Association (FIMA).



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