Miriam Dalli
Member of the European Parliament

The Future of Mobility is More Than Electric Cars

Described as a “Doer” and “Eco Warrior” by Politico, Miriam Dalli is pushing carmakers to take climate change seriously. A Member of the European Parliament, she was instrumental in setting new CO2 emission targets for cars and vans in Europe. Miriam Dalli spoke to MaltaProfile about her vision for a cleaner and greener transport sector ahead of her attendance of the eMobility Summit in Malta on Friday 8th March.

Mark Blandford
Partner at Burlywood Capital

All Eyes on New York

Mark Blandford was one of the first offline bookmakers to recognise the potential for sportsbetting on the internet. He has seen the rise of London as the industry’s power base and witnessed the success of Malta in attracting iGaming companies, but he believes that the sector’s next epicentre will be New York.

Emilie Tabor
Co-Founder and CMO of IMA

Under the Influence 

As iGaming brands are looking for people with strong social media followings to promote their brands, micro-influencers, and not virtual characters, will define the future of influencer marketing, says Emilie Tabor, Co-Founder of Influencer Marketing Agency (IMA).



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