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Who's Who: Malta's Top Film & Production Companies

Malta renewed its position as a top Mediterranean film location after managing to draw a large volume of foreign films and series in the past two years. Crews from Hollywood and Bollywood as well as marketing agencies and production companies frequently visit the island.

Attracted by the versatile location, the film servicing facilities and infrastructure, English-speaking film professionals and the fiscal incentives offered by the government, Malta has become many movie-makers’ first choice. To raise its profile even further, this Mediterranean Mini-Hollywood aims to develop top-notch studio infrastructure as well as fresh financial incentives. Malta is also keen to write itself more into the picture and is inviting script and screenwriters to develop Maltese stories that have the potential to appeal to an international audience.

While Malta’s movie sector is still mainly focused on film servicing, the country’s long-term vision includes the creation of a vibrant film production industry that would encourage filmmakers to carry out post-production work in Malta. This could attract creative professionals from abroad and further leverage talent and expertise developed in Malta’s iGaming, ICT and media industries. 



We have listed Malta's top film editing & production companies:


Rock Productions 

Motion Blur 

Twenty13 Productions 


MGI Malta 

AQ Films 

Stargate Studios Malta 

Spring Productions International 


Lumi Productions 


Pearly Gates Malta 


White Coral Films 

HandOn Malta 

Triton Film Productions 

Falkun Films 

Malta Film Studios 

Amour Setter Films 

Winston Azzopardi 

Stagecoach Performing Arts Malta


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