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Who’s Who: Malta’s Top 100+ Corporate Services Providers

Corporate services providers have been a backbone of the growth that Malta’s International Finance Centre has enjoyed. There are just under 200 MFSA-registered company service providers, and we have shortlisted some of the most established firms and new entrants to the market.

Malta’s corporate services providers offer advise and support in areas such as company formation, re-domiciliation, ship and yacht registration, aviation, iGaming, payments, company directorship and management services, back office support and administration, payroll services, and assistance with the opening of bank accounts.


ARQ Group

David Borg, Partner — Business Development & Internalisation

ARQ Group is a multi-disciplinary professional services organisation providing a wide range of corporate & advisory services to local & international clients. The group’s team of over 80 talented professionals includes lawyers, accountants, tax specialists and economists working together to deliver innovative solutions that help drive its client’s business forward. ARQ’s core service areas include: Company incorporation & administration; Accounting & VAT compliance; Taxation; Trust & fiduciary services; Investment migration solutions, Economic & Business Intelligence reporting and specialist advisory services within the digital economy, financial services, risk and AML, real estate and alternative energy sectors.



Athos Family & Business Services (Malta) Ltd 


Barry Woestenburg, Managing Director

Athos Family & Business Services (Malta) Ltd is part of the Athos Group, an international trust boutique. The Athos Group focuses on the implementation and maintenance of global estate planning and asset protection structures for corporate clients and (ultra) high-net-worth individuals and their private and/or family-owned businesses. The firm works in close cooperation with the client’s own advisers in creating effective tax and legal solutions. Athos Group is proud to serve reputable families, entrepreneurs and their companies. At Athos Group, they believe in top quality services with a personal approach against fair prices.



Avanzia Taxand 


Walter Cutajar, Managing Director

Avanzia Taxand is exclusively Taxand Malta. Taxand is the world’s largest independent tax organisation offering practical, expert-led advice. Avanzia Taxand can help turn its clients’ tax challenges into strategic solutions that will work for them and their business. International surveys have consistently ranked the firm very highly. Avanzia Taxand is the leading tax firm in Malta and was named ‘Malta Tax Firm of the Year’ by the International Tax Review in 2019, 2013 and 2016. In 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018, it was named Malta Tax Firm of the Year by Corporate International.



CSA Group 

Charles Scerri, Managing Director 

CSA Group has grown from a family oriented accounting practice into one of the leading financial service providers in Malta. With over 25 years of expertise in the financial services industry, CSA Group operates from Malta providing tailor-made solutions for clients across the globe. The Group’s portfolio of clients includes high-net-worth individuals, companies, businessmen, firms and international players. CSA Group works hand in hand with a selected network of international partners, aiming high at exceeding clients’ expectations through their exceptional clients’ services approach. The Group consists of: Charles Scerri & Associates, CS Fintech Services Ltd, Scerri & Concise Ltd, Quorum Corporate Services Ltd and Bastille Malta Trustees Ltd.



CSB Group 


Roger A. Strickland JR, Director 

CSB Group is an established and leading corporate services provider backed by over 30 years of experience in the business and commercial sphere. The Group’s highly experienced and trusted team of professionals are specialised in providing comprehensive and personalised services to clients wishing to setup or relocate their business to Malta. CSB’s areas of specialisation include: Corporate; Trust; Tax; Accounting & Payroll; Investment Immigration; Fintech; Recruitment; Relocation and Property Sales & Letting. Ancillary services include: Incorporation & Domiciliation of companies; Fiduciary & Escrow Services; Compliance & Regulatory Consultancy; Licensing ofiGaming and Financial Services, VFA Services; Hedge Fund Registration; Ship, Yacht & Aircraft Registration; HR Consultancy; Residence & Work Permits; and Serviced Offic Space.



e-Management Limited


Sarah Borg, Director

e-Management, a dedicated business division of HBM Group is a leading specialised turnkey provider of Business Support & Corporate Services to the Online Gaming Industry. It focuses on establishing and managing internationally engaged iGaming companies based out of Curaçao and Malta. With almost two decades of experience in assisting major software providers and operators with their corporate and licensing requirements in both Curacao and Malta, e-Management was amongst the first Corporate Services Providers in 1997 to enter the Online Gaming Industry. e-Management offers innovative services by assisting all iGaming (related) businesses to efficiently and effectively structure their enterprise in an ever changing and challenging business environment without borders. e-Management, via HBM Group, provides its Business Support & Corporate Services in 13 jurisdictions worldwide.



Fenlex Group 


Karl Diacono, Chief Executive Officer

As a leading management and corporate services provider, the Fenlex group caters to a large international client base. Fenlex provides a wide range of services including company incorporation and maintenance, tax and VAT compliance, accountancy, payroll, bank account administration, directorship services, trusts & foundations, recruitment as well as operational assistance. The group has been active in servicing the international business sector since the 1980s, and its clients are serviced by a multi-disciplinary team organised into the Corporate Services, Accounts, Tax Compliance, Banking and Operations departments. Fenlex is closely associated with Fenech & Fenech Advocates, a leading law firm.



Finanz-Audit Limited 

finanz audit limited

Cosmas Cosmo, Director 

Finanz-Audit Limited provides audit, tax and advisory services to a broad range of businesses. The firms’ client portfolio spans from the sole entrepreneur to large multinational corporations, each operating in various industries. Finanz-Audit Limited is committed to providing quality services with professional objectivity while preserving the trust of clients by offering them personalised attention. The foundation of the company’s success lies in the expertise of its ‘high-calibre’ specialists. Their skills, knowledge, professionalism and energy enable us to provide prompt, efficient and high-quality services.


Francis J. Vassallo & Associates Ltd 

Francis K.Vassalo

Adriana Camilleri Vassalo, Managing Partner 

Francis J. Vassallo & Associates Ltd provides tailored solutions in the most efficient and ethical manner whilst nurturing lasting relationships for mutual growth and success. Francis J. Vassallo & Associates Group (FJVA) was established in 1998 by Francis J. Vassallo, a former Governor of the Central Bank of Malta, together with his daughter, Adriana Camilleri Vassallo. FJVA comprises a team of over 70 highly experienced professionals, among which are internationally qualified tax advisors, corporate lawyers and accountants. FJVA provides a wide range of tax and advisory services, including trustee, corporate, compliance, book-keeping services, to multinational companies, family offices and private clients.



HBM Malta Limited 


Sarah Borg, Director 

HBM Group (est. 1991) is the leading independent financial services provider. It assists in the formation and management of international companies for businesses and individuals, ensuring compliance with international legislation. The Group’s team of professionals, with over a decade of experience, offers premier and personalised service to each client. HBM Group understands each client is unique. By building on its tradition of excellence, and protecting the integrity and reputation of its clients, HBM Group is committed to providing its clients with all the necessary services for economic success. HBM Group can guarantee the highest standard of business ethics, the utmost confidentiality, and state-of-the-art technology.



Integritas Group 


Frederic Villa, Managing Director 

The Integritas Group is a multidisciplinary firm providing corporate services such as company formation, company maintenance, corporate structures, mergers and acquisitions, redomiciliation, residence, citizenship, shipping and trust services to its clients. Integritas Corporate-Services Ltd is authorised to submit citizenship and residence applications on behalf of applicants to the Maltese authorities, through its Approved Agents, Mr Frederic Villa and Dr Alexia Muscat. Integrates Trustees Ltd is authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority to provide trustee and fiduciary services. The Integritas Group was founded and is headed by Frederic Villa, a Swiss and Italian national. Frederic Villa speaks Italian, French, English, German and understands Spanish.



NEWCO Corporate Services Ltd 


Frederico Gouveia E Silva, Managing Partner 

NEWCO is an independent corporate services provider with three decades of experience in implementing foreign investments into selected countries. Its wide experience and know-how allow it to successfully support major multinational companies as well as smaller companies and start-ups, mainly from EU and Latin-American countries. NEWCO’s team of experts provide all the professional services involved in the setting up and management of companies and assistance to high-net worth individuals in Malta.



Trident Trust Company (Malta) Ltd 


Albert Cilia, Managing Director 

Founded in 1978, and present in Malta since 2011, Trident Trust is a leading independent corporate, fiduciary and fund administrator, employing over 900 staff across a global footprint that spans Africa, the Americas, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East. Financial institutions, professional advisors, asset managers, family offices and international businesses turn to Trident Trust for the provision of independent corporate, trust and fund administration services, relying on its worldwide presence, local knowledge and its commitment to responsiveness, reliability, attention to detail and personal service. The company’s professional personnel are widely recognised for their ability to work cooperatively with advisers and their clients and to support them through their practical knowledge and extensive experience.





David Zammit, Managing Director 

Zeta is a privately held independent group of companies offering targeted services which include, but are not limited to: Multi-Family Office; Advisory and Structuring; Fiduciary; Company Formation and Management; Corporate; Financial; Fund Formation and Management. Zeta is committed to exceeding client expectations and building a satisfying long-term relationship while retaining its primary focus; your business and family success.



8 Corporate Services Limited

Abacus Corporate Services Limited

ACT Advisory Services Limited

Active Services (Malta) Ltd

ADD+ Professional Services Limited

Aegis Corporate Services Limited

Affinity Management Services (Malta) Limited

Aldo Vassallo, Taxation and Residence Consultancy

AlleyBe Ltd

Amicorp Malta Limited

Aml-Atlantis Management Ltd

Antelope Group

Aqua Trust Services Malta Limited

Arendt Services Malta

Artio Corporate Services Limited

Astra Consulting Malta Limited

Bastille Malta Trustees Limited

BEAT Limited

Bencini Demajo Corporate Services Limited

Bosteco Overseas Specialised Services Limited

Boston Multi Family Office

Bourse Corporate Services (Malta) Limited

CCPS Malta

CDF Advocates

Centaur Services (Malta) Ltd

Citco (Malta) Ltd

Combined Maritime Services Limited

Contact Advisory Services Limited

Corpag Services (Malta) Limited

Corporate Focus Limited

Corporate Services Limited

Corrieri Cilia Legal

Credal Advisory Ltd

Credence Corporate & Advisory Services Ltd

Dixcart Management Malta Limited

DM Europe Ltd *

Dohle Services (Malta) Limited

Dominion Fiduciary Services (Malta) Ltd

Dr Kresse International Law firm

Dynamic Management Solutions Limited

E&S Group

E2S Monitoring Limited

Ecdp Malta Limited

EJZ Comprehensive Business Services Ltd


Equiom (Malta) Limited

Erremme Corporate Services Limited


e-Volve Consultancy Limited

Exco Services Ltd

Fairwinds Management Limited

FBS Trust Limited

Fides Corporate Services Ltd

Fidgen Malta Ltd

Finco Trust Services Ltd

Franco Falzon & Associates

Frendo Advisory

GM International Services Limited

Integrated-Capabilities (Malta) Ltd

International Management Services Ltd

Intertaxaudit Auditors & Consultants (Malta) Ltd

J.B. Sorotto Limited

John Huber and Associates Tax Services

JTC Group Malta

Juanafil Corporate Services Ltd

Kinanis Fiduciaries Limited

Kosco Management Services Ltd.

Kylin Prime Group

lecocqassociate ltd

LGA International Ltd

Maitland Malta Limited

Mandaris Group (Malta) Ltd

Mann Made Malta Ltd

Mediterra Mmxii Services Ltd

MJM Europe Limited

Octave Corporate Services

Papilio Services Limited



Primei Fiduciary Ltd.

Prospera Europe Limited

Quantum Corporate Services Limited

Quinton Trust (Malta) Limited

Reanda Malta Limited

RGN Malta Ltd.

Rosemont (Malta) Ltd

S & D Yachts Limited

Sarnia Yachts (Malta) Limited

Scordis, Papapetrou & Co Consultants Limited

Sheltons Malta

Sovereign Trust (Malta)

St Julian's Advisory

Summa Fiduciary Services

Tri-Mer Services Ltd

Trustmoore Corporate Services (Malta) Limited

Unifin Services Limited

United International Management (Malta) Limited

Vassiliades & Co. (Malta) Limited

Vistra Malta Ltd

War Chest Fiduciary Services Limited

Werner & Partner

White November Corporate Services (Malta) Ltd

Zedra Malta

Zugimpex Assurance Ltd.


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