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Who's Who: Malta's Top Agriculture & Food companies

Malta’s agriculture sector could get a boost from technological advances. Precision agriculture – the use of digital tools and smart machines for remote sensing, data processing and automation – offers the opportunity to minimise inputs and maximise productivity.

Smart technology is also being brought to the fish farming industry, a sector that is very promising in Malta. There are few limits on growth, given Malta’s vast offshore region and the increasing global demand for fish. The EU in particular is only 70% self-sufficient in its seafood needs and Malta is determined to capitalise on this tremendous opportunity.

The rising interest in alternative foods also offers opportunities for speciality food producers to tap into new markets and secure a premium for their products. The country already sells a number of high-quality products to the overseas customer but significant effort will be needed if these are to establish a firm foothold in the consumer market. In order to target foreign markets and consumers willing to pay top prices, the sector needs to change current methods of production, marketing and sales.

We have listed the main companies operating in the agriculture & food sector

Magro Brothers

Foster Clarks 

Consolidated Biscuit Company

Farsons Group 



Camilleri Wines



Ta' Mena 

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