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Who’s Who: Malta’s Top 10+ Insurance Management Companies

The insurance management community has greatly helped Malta to establish itself as the top insurance domicile within the European Union.

The insurance sector in Malta has seen a huge growth surge in recent years driven by the presence of expert insurance management companies. MaltaProfile sheds light on both local and international service providers that have established operations on the islands offering a range of insurance and reinsurance management services.

Artex Risk Solutions (Malta) Limited

Stuart Ciappara, Artex

Stuart Ciappara, Managing Director 

Artex Risk Solutions is the global Insurance Management subsidiary of Arthur J. Gallagher with 15 offices and 30 domiciles throughout North America and Europe, employing 400+ employees with 1,500+ customers worldwide. Artex Risk Solutions specialises in innovation, creation and management of insurance and alternative risk transfer solutions that deliver cost-effective and sustainable advantages to our clients. The Artex Malta office is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority, and the Malta team includes experienced practitioners covering the full remit of services required for managing insurance risks for clients throughout Europe. Whether you require a captive, access to a protected cell company or setting up your own EU direct write underwriting operation, Artex Risk Solutions is able to assist.



Marsh Management Services Malta Limited 

Stephen Portelli, Marsh

Stephen Portelli, Head of Office

The company is active in the business of incorporating, managing, advising and servicing of captives, protected and cell facilities, special purpose vehicles and specialist insurance and reinsurance companies. As the world’s largest captive manager, organisations come to Marsh for a one-stop-shop approach to innovative captive solutions, including advice, implementation, management, and actuarial services. With specialised expertise from global resources, Marsh creates comprehensive, tailored solutions for your business. It is licensed by the MFSA.



Abacus Risk Management Services

AON Insurance Managers

Bee Insurance Management

JLT Insurance Management

PSA Insurance Manager

Robus Risk Services

Strategic Risk Solutions Insurance

Management Services Europe

USA Risk Group (Malta) Ltd

Willis Towers Watson Management


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