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Who's Who: Malta's Maritime Finance & Litigation

While the international shipping community is still facing some headwinds with reduced trade volumes and freight rates near historically low levels, Malta’s shipping sector is expanding.

The development of the international ship register has encouraged owners and management companies to locate their operations in Malta and tap into the island’s professional services. Malta’s lawyers and corporate service providers are among the most experienced in international circles and can advise on all aspects of registration and operation of vessels. Specialist lawyers from the island today handle a wide selection of maritime disputes in both the so-called wet and dry sectors. MaltaProfile has compiled a list of companies that handle a wide selection of maritime disputes:



Camco Malta 

DF Advocates 

Dingli & Dingli Law Firm 

EMA Advocates Malta 

Fenech & Fenech Advocates 

FSGM Partners 

Ganado Advocates 

Gauci & Maistre 


Mamo T CV 

Marime Experts Malta 

Oceanus Marine - Marine Consultants Malta 

Porteli & Portelli Advocates 

Vincent Micallef & Associates 



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