Valletta is the top film location of the Maltese Islands

Gozo comes second

Valletta was the most popular location in films, just pipping Gozo to the honour, being used for 20 of the 242 filmed there in the past 20 years.

Gozo was used 18 times, according to research by Verve Search.

Overall, Malta was the 81st most filmed country in the world, with the US topping the country list with 139,506 films made there, well ahead of the second placed UK, with 25,768.



Verve Search conducted the research by going through 340,000 films on the IMDB movie database, and came up with the figures for Malta as attribute to Valletta as the European Capital of Culture for 2018.

The most popular film locations in Malta are:

1. Valletta - Fort St Elmo, Harbour of Jerusalem (Murder on the Orient Express, World War Z, Captain Phillips) 20 movies filmed.
2. Gozo Island - Ramlay Bay (Game of Thrones - Season 1, By the Sea) 18 movies filmed.
3. Kalkara - Fort Ricasoli, (Gladiator) 10 movies filmed.
4. Comino -Blue Lagoon (The Count of Monte Cristo, Troy) 7 movies filmed
5. Senglea (Immediate Boarding), 5 movies filmed.


Source: Times of Malta


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