Two year Framework Agreement between UOM and MITA

The two-year Framework Agreement will help students studying in different faculties to experience and familiarise better with practical aspects within the ICT industry.

A two year Framework Agreement between MITA and UOM was signed to help students familiarise better with practical aspects with the ICT Industry. Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri described this agreement as a concrete measure to address the challenges brought about by the digital economy.   
During the signing of the agreement, Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation Silvio Schembri said that the way forward to address the challenges that the digital economy is bringing about is by means of closer collaboration between entities and institutions. 
“Creating and sustaining people’s talent sustains our economy,” said Schembri while insisting on the importance of the involvement of academics and professionals to develop study-units in a way that will reflect today’s industry and today’s IT technology. In this way, students from various faculties will have a practical experience on what the ICT industry is expecting from them.
University of Malta Rector, Professor Alfred Vella described the agreement as an example of how stakeholders involved in the industry and the University of Malta can work closer together to understand the industry requirements while at the same time strengthening the educational curriculum. 
MITA Chairman Tony Sultana explained that that the Terms of Further Collaboration agreed with the University of Malta reflects the continuous discussions with the industry. He added that the agreement is going to establish a mutually beneficial collaboration that allows for a number of initiatives to take shape between the Parties.  This is the first agreement reached with the Faculty of ICT and currently there are ongoing discussions with FEMA Faculty to establish a similar framework.
After the signing, Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri was toured around the Faculty of ICT accompanied by Rector Alfred Vella and MITA Chairman Tony Sultana.



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