Top Wineries in Malta & Gozo

Malta’s wine industry has recently garnered international buzz.

In 2007, Malta has introduced its own appellation system, the DOK, to ensure quality and origin.

In recent years Malta’s winemakers have also invested heavily in modern equipment to improve the production and quality of their produce.

These are the top six local winemakers that you should know about:


Marsovin is a household name in Malta, synonymous with the production of  Maltese premium wines.  This reputation has been steadily earned over almost a century, during which Marsovin has set major inroads in viticulture and winemaking in Malta, and established the current high standards which Maltese wines enjoy internationally.

The company has 5 privately owned vineyards across the beautiful Mediterranean Maltese islands, which are used for producing its premium, quality, single-estate wines. The Marsovin Estates and cellars are a testimony to Marsovin’s commitment to the Culture of Wine.


2 Delicata

The commitment of the Delicata family is spanning four generations of winemaking.

Delicata's story begins more than 100 years ago, when a general practitioner named Eduardo Delicata pursued a second lifelong creative passion: winemaking. Delicata’s roots go back to as early as 1907. All this time, for over one century, the company has remained in the capable hands of the proprietor Delicata family who still runs what is arguably Malta’s most successful winery with over 100 international awards under their winemaker’s belt to show for.

The history of winemaking in Malta, the world’s smallest wine-producing country, is a long and winding road with many challenging turns. The Delicata winery has taken each one of them with confidence by always planning and investing ahead of time. Only in the last 20 years winemaking in Malta has gone through a revival. It is the Delicata winery that has earned the reputation for being firmly at the forefront of that transformation.

Since then, Delicata has initiated a renewed pledge to modern winemaking. Today, Delicata’s portfolio of wines has scored over a century of international awards including Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in Bordeaux, Burgundy and London. 


3 Camilleri Wines

CassarCamilleri Ltd. is a joint venture between premium wine producers Marsovin and local liqueur producer Master Group with both companies being established way back in 1919 and 1947 respectively. The synergy created by this expansion has harmonised together the vast experience of both stakeholders resulting in an improved operational efficiency at all levels of production, import, export and distribution.

4 Meridiana

Meridiana’s roots date back from 1985 as a result of a conversation between Mark Miceli-Farrugia, the company’s founder, and Bordeaux oenologist Denis Dubourdieu (Decanter Magazine Man of the Year 2016). The latter persuaded Mark that there was potential for high-quality wine growing in Malta. As a result, Meridiana Wine Estate was established in April 1987 under the counsel of oenologist Roger Aquilina. Meridiana’s pioneering mission has been to produce “World-Class Wines of Maltese Character” – internationally acclaimed wines made from wine-grapes grown exclusively on Maltese soil. The name Meridiana and the estate’s sundial insignia have been inspired by Malta’s Southern European location.

5 Montekristo 

Established in 2005 by Polidano Group, Montekristo Estate represent a novel concept to Malta’s hospitality and leisure market, incorporating innovative entertainment facilities, dining out, function venues, as well as a winery and an olive oil mill operation. The Estate may be easily considered unique to the Maltese islands due to its impressive size as well as its extensive versatility.

Located in the heart of the Siggiewi valley, in the limits of Hal Farrug, the Montekristo Estate offers in-house catering and entertainment facilities as well as providing a large list of professional services that include catering, event organisation and endless themed function opportunities for both the local and international clientele.


6 Ta Mena

Ta’ Mena Estate is owned by the Spiteri family and was founded by their late mother Carmela, popularly known as Mena, and her late husband Frank who together worked hard to purchase and cultivate the land.

In 2002 the Spiteri Family decided to regenerate the two hectares of agricultural land which used to be a fruit and vegetable garden, thus realising their late parents’ dream of integrating agriculture with tourism so that one sector sustains the other. Today more land has been added to the estate which now covers around twenty five hectares.



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