SR Technics Malta expands its operations

SR Technics signed an agreement with Malta Enterprise to expand its operations with a six-bay hangar. The €35 million investment is set to create around 350 new jobs.

SR Technics has formally announced an expansion of operations with a new €35 million six-bay hangar at Safi Aviation Park.

The €35 million project, announced at the Office of the Prime Minister is set to create around 350 new jobs – 50 less than originally estimated last year. SR Technics is growing at a rapid rate, with low fares giant EasyJet extending their maintenance contract with the company for another five years.


“We are committed to Malta. We are committed to bring new customers in, and we look forward to bring in more business from our customer base.”

SR Technics


The aviation sector is flourishing in Malta, in particular the aviation maintenance has gained considerable traction and has had a significant impact on the country’s economy: it contributed 3% to Malta's GDP in 2017.

MCAST has been providing courses that focus on the aviation maintenance field as to prepare the necessary skilled workforce and cater for the job offer that the industry will create in the near future.


Source: MaltaToday


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