Power of the Niche

While nurturing a solid manufacturing sector for over 50 years, Malta has not lost its appeal and is readying itself to become a global leader in high-end niche areas, says Mario Galea, CEO of Malta Enterprise.

Rather than focusing on one sector or two, we want to grow an array of successful sectors. But we are choosing sectors that we believe we can excel in; sectors that are niche in nature but we can become world leaders in. Examples include our focus on life sciences, aviation, research, advanced manufacturing, ICT and green projects, as well as Distributed Ledger Technologies.

We keep on reinventing ourselves. In aviation, we are a reliable maintenance and repair hub, and now we are positioning ourselves as the ideal location for the testing of drone technologies. In the pharma sector, we started with attracting generic drug manufacturers, now we are on the cutting-edge of medical cannabis production. In the IT sector, we are experiencing strong interest from blockchain companies with the most innovative business ideas. 

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Malta is not the cheapest location but we know that costs are an important factor for companies when investing abroad. We also have other unique selling points, including quality workmanship and advanced engineering skills. 


Many of the big-export led projects that invested in Malta in the 1970s have moved up the value chain and are still operating from Malta.

In our work, we look beyond Europe and leverage the advantages of European Union membership to diversify the sources of investment. While we will continue developing our relationships with our traditional partners such as Germany and Italy, we are focusing our efforts on new markets, including Israel, US, Canada, Turkey and Asia.

With a view to Brexit, we are offering UK companies a base that will enable them to continue to access the EU Single Market.

We want to make setting up in Malta as seamless and efficient as possible. We can handhold companies through their entire investment journey while facilitating contact with business partners and regulatory authorities. We will continue to support the entities that we have in Malta and attract other quality enterprises in these same niches, but we also want to attract the industries of the immediate future.


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