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Ones to Watch: MadeYou

MadeYou Ltd provides digital marketing, branding, business development and customer support outsourcing services. The company was founded in 2015 by CEO Luke Todd and COO Kelly McSherry.

What is it? 

MadeYou is a pan-European full service digital marketing and branding agency, business development, training consultancy and customer service outsourcer/offshorer.

We are based in Malta, and our five MadeYou brands offer a cost-effective one-stop shop for all your business development, branding and digital marketing needs.

  • MadeYou Think is all about helping you to identify the culture and values of your business, as well as staff development and team building.
  • MadeYou Smile provides mind-blowing digital marketing and will grow your brand on any social media. 
  • MadeYou Outsource is a boutique customer service outsourcer/offshorer, offering outstanding customer service consultancy for small- to medium-sized clients. We also offer businesses critical insights through our customer service consultancy.
  • MadeYou Grow helps to grow your leaders, develop your talent and make mega-management teams.
  • MadeYou Kewl is all about show-stopping designs for marketing collateral needs and beyond.


"It’s an honour to know that quite quickly we’ve become established players in Malta’s business community."

 Kelly McSherry, COO at MadeYou

It’s an honour to know that quite quickly we’ve become established players in Malta’s business community, and we know that it’s all down to ‘quirkology’, our unique philosophy derived from years of experience in different roles and sectors, our creativity and ambitions, and, of course, our fantastic MadeYou team!

Whatever we do, we make sure that we are at the forefront - so that our culture translates directly from our own personalities.


How is it funded? 

MadeYou Ltd is privately funded.


 MadeYou team 

What are your plans for the future? 

We aim to deliver the best quality of services for our existing clients, and to blow the socks off as many new clients as possible in Malta, the UK and Europe as a whole.

Thanks to a growing buzz about our business, demand has rocketed, and the MadeYou portfolio has grown significantly during the past two years.

One specific aim is to consolidate our position by growing awareness of our five brands and in particular, the unique digital marketing expertise we can offer with MadeYou Smile.

We are very excited to say that, in line with demand, we expect the MadeYou team to grow further in the next two years.



Kelly McSherry, COO of MadeYou (left); Luke Todd, CEO of MadeYou (right)

Why Malta?

It was a life choice. After being based in London for 15 years, we had the opportunity to move to Malta. It’s been a blessing because the economy is growing and opportunities for creativity are high. New avenues for growth are continually presenting themselves locally, and as English is one of the official languages of Malta, this makes it very easy for us to work with any client, wherever they may be based.

We have an amazing multi-national team which includes Maltese, Venezuelan and UK nationals, reflecting Malta’s international community. What’s not to love about Malta? It is a great place to live and work with a thriving business community, sunshine and the sea, stunning surroundings and a proud history. We believe that Malta has very high expectations for the future.



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