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Ones to Watch: Tencoins

Tencoins is an international IT company that develops specialised FinTech solutions, including trading, payment and gambling platforms.

What is it?  

Tencoins is an IT company that develops software for the FinTech market related to DLTs, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The company believes that blockchain technology can be used to promote transparency and trust in the field of finance and give the control over the processes to each member.

Currently, Tencoins team is working on a peer-to-peer exchange platform that will allow users from all over the world to exchange cryptocurrencies into other cryptocurrencies or regular money. The launch of this product is scheduled for March 2019. The idea behind the platform is to create an online community for traders, offering a safe, convenient and instant trading solution.


Who’s behind it?  

Tencoins is part of a Cypriot holding and started its operations in Malta in June 2018. Its CEO, Sergey Vasilyev, has over six years of experience in the financial market as investor and private trader. He brings to the company a deep knowledge of the FinTech market.


How is it funded? 

The company is funded by private investments.

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What are your plans for the future? 

The company's mission is to develop IT solutions for financial services that are instant, secure and easily accessible worldwide.

Apart from the launch of the peer-to-peer platform in March 2019, the company plans to develop other internet-related services and products, which will include payment solutions, exchange services, investment platforms and more.

The company is also planning to grow its team by recruiting Maltese and international talent while opening offices in other countries. 


Why Malta?

One of the key reasons why we decided to set up the office in Malta is the island's positive approach towards blockchain & DLTs and the beneficial legal framework. Besides, Malta is an attractive relocation destination for employees, with its international environment, sunny climate and beautiful landscapes. 

As English is one of the official languages in Malta, it facilitates business processes for the company and it makes daily life for foreign employees easier. Social and professional life is very active in Malta, with regular meet-ups and conferences, which means it is easy to build and grow your business network.


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