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Ones to Watch: Stasis

STASIS was founded in 2017 by Greg Klumov. With more than 15 years of experience in alternatives investment, Greg quickly recognized the potential of investing in digital assets in the early stages of the Blockchain revolution.

What is it? 

Stasis creates a platform that allows individuals and institutional investors to tokenize real-world currencies (Euro, Yuan) and other financial instruments in a secure way.

EURS is a euro-pegged stable coin backed by fiat reserves. Its concept is based on the three main principles: transparency, legal compliance and STASIS partners’ ecosystem. EURS is suitable for retail traders and for institutional capital.

EURS distinguishing features are:

  • Continuity of fiat reserves reporting through a three-step verification process: daily, weekly and quarterly. The latter is audited by one of the "Big 4" accounting firms.
  • Four capital admission streams: IBAN, SEPA, ISIN, ISDA.


Greg Klumov (left) and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat (right) at Stasis Official Launch Press Conference

Who’s behind it?

STASIS team consists of more than 20 professionals coming from finance, IT and algorithmic trading, Government Relations, and blockchain backgrounds. Their mission is to use an interdisciplinary framework to create a stable and regulated cryptocurrency ecosystem. The team's professional accomplishments include:

  • Liquid alternatives and finance: Creating the first Emerging Markets absolute return UCITS fund.
  • Cryptocurrencies: establishing the first bitcoin fund in 2012.
  • Government relations: official collaborations with Malta (EU member) and Astana International Financial Center (Kazakhstan) signed in 2017. Several more regulators have approached us privately with similar projects.


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How is it funded?

The project is funded internally.


What are your plans for the future?

STASIS’ main goal is to build a financial marketplace for institutional capital and act as a gateway between real economy and blockchain.

The immediate goals are:

  • Expanding the regulatory work experience to other states to implement a strategy where each new tokenized currency would have an issuer operating in and compliant with the requirements of the currency-owning country.
  • Finalising the institutional-grade infrastructure for large capital.
  • Expanding the network of partners, namely liquidity providers and number of exchanges that list EURS.
  • Increasing of the EURS adoption and improving the company’s value.

 Stasis combines the vast potential of the cryptocurrency market with the stability and reliability of traditional currencies

Why Malta? 

STASIS team has been promoting blockchain in Malta since 2012, where they launched the first ever Bitcoin fund, educated a fund administrator, one of the top 5 accounting firms and other service providers in how to approach and audit digital assets built on a blockchain. In 2017, STASIS joined the Maltese cryptocurrency task force in law enforcement to promote and develop a blockchain-friendly environment.


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