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Ones to Watch: ICO Launch Malta

ICO Launch Malta is a full-service Initial Coin Offering (ICO) launching platform that manages every aspect of ICO projects - from company formation to exchange listing. The company was founded in 2017 by Jan Sammut and Alex Anter.


What is it?

ICO Launch Malta is a full stack ICO provider, which benefits from being a joint venture between a licensed legal, financial, trust and fiduciary service provider and a blockchain development agency with a team of in-house B9Lab certified developers. This allows the company to manage the entire ICO process in-house, from company incorporation and banking setup to exchange listing, without outsourcing any services, offering great cost and operational advantages to its clients.


Who’s behind it?

The company was founded by Jan Sammut, who is the CEO of the company, and Alex Anter, Chief Technology Officer of ICO Launch Malta. Jan has over 10 years experience in online gambling, both in the affiliate and operator segments. He has held executive positions in industry heavyweights such as IGT, Amaya & HLM. Alex is a full stack developer who started coding websites at age 10. He later founded his own agency, which has tier-1 casino companies among its clients. Alex is now utilising blockchain technology in web applications.



Jan Sammut, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ICO Launch Malta

How is it funded?

ICO Launch Malta was founded through seed investment. The company was profitable within 30 days, so no subsequent funding rounds were needed.


What are your plans for the future?

We are planning to expand our development team to other blockchain protocols. We also plan to open offices in Asia and in the United States, and we are willing to launch a Crypto Venture Capital fund.


Why Malta?

We chose Malta because of three different advantages. The first is the great regulatory environment. The second is the talented workforce available on the island. Last but not least, the life standard and good weather also contribute to a healthy work environment.



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