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Ones to Watch: GoTo

Car sharing service GoTo wants to kickstart Malta's green mobility revolution.

What is it? 

A car sharing service is a type of car rental designed to accommodate short journeys. Users can rent a vehicle only for the period of time they need to drive it for, be that just a few minutes or a longer time. It’s a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to owning a car. 

Via an app, users can unlock a car and use it for one-way rides. The GoTo minute rate includes battery charge, reserved parking spots, insurance and Valletta CVA fees.


Who’s behind it? 

Car Sharing Services Malta runs a national car sharing programme on the basis of a concession contract entered between CAR2GO Israel and the Transport Authority following an international public call.

This €8 million initiative forms part of the government’s vision to have 5,000 electric vehicles on the road by 2020 and to introduce new transport solutions.

CAR2GO Israel is considered to be one of the most successful companies in the car sharing industry, both in terms of growth and in terms of the scope of their operations in Israel. The company also owns the car sharing technology, which allows customers to enjoy a smooth user experience via a mobile application, website and a 24/7 customer service centre.


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How is it funded? 

It is funded by private investments.


What are your plans for the future? 

Car Sharing Services Malta’s vision is to be an alternative to public transportation. The company's mission is to improve the urban lifestyle by developing shared transportation solutions, which means people can move around the island without the need to own a car.

We have already launched a national car sharing service with 150 electric cars and 450 designated parking locations around Malta and Gozo. We are now building a network of 225 fast charging stations that will be open for public use at a later stage. In 2019, we will also be introducing car sharing for roundtrips whereby a car is taken and brought back to the same parking location.


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Why Malta? 

Car Sharing Services Malta aims to provide the residents of Malta & Gozo with a green transportation alternative that will relieve congestion, create more parking spaces, reduce air pollution levels, promote the development of the electric vehicle (EV) market in Malta and, most importantly, allow people to save  transportation cost. 

The average annual cost of owning a car in Malta account for 14% of an average total income with a cost of up to 3,240 to 4,400 € per year. A shared car is a way to enjoy the optimal driving experience without the heavy costs of owning a car such as tests, insurance, upkeep and parking. 

Car Sharing Services Malta collaborates with Transport Malta and ties in with government plans to introduce innovative transportation modes and reduce dependency on private cars.


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