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Ones to Watch: Bumalift

Bumalift is an application offering carpooling solutions. Bumalift is developed by Incredible Web, a Maltese company which was founded in 2011 by Shaun Grech and Kevin Farrugia.

What is it? 

Bumalift is a suite of applications designed to organise and schedule carpooling within a community. Using an intuitive mobile application, passengers are able to search for drivers who are offering their empty car seats along their planned routes. The drivers on the other hand, are able to create and plan their routes as well as announce the number of free car seat spaces available on their journey. The solution uses a proprietary algorithm, which is capable of cross-matching drivers to passengers searching for a ride, and cluster users together based on their driving habits, social profile and other preferences. The application suite also features a web-based dashboard allowing administrators to monitor ongoing carpools in real-time.

From left to right: Shaun Grech and Kevin Farrugia, co-founders of Incredible Web

When was the company founded and who are the founders? 

Bumalift is a solution developed by a local company, Incredible Web Ltd, founded by two University Of Malta alumni, Shaun Grech and Kevin Farrugia back in 2011. The co-founders shared a dream to improve sustainable mobility by taking advantage of the empty seats available on most journeys. Bumalift is a project developed and maintained in-house at Incredible Web, which has grown into a reputable software development agency with a diverse international portfolio, ranging from websites that exceed one million monthly visitors to outsourcing and consultancy for some of the major players in the iGaming industry.

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Who’s behind it? 

The success which Bumalift has achieved, both with its Bumalift to Schooloffering as well as Bumalift to University could not have been possible without the hard work, dedication and perseverance of the team behind Incredible Web. The team has often had to pull all nighters in order to make sure that Bumalift meets the demands of its users - especially the students at the University of Malta. The team at Incredible Web is made up of senior software engineers with expertise in Web, Mobile Apps, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.


Bumalift's team

How is it funded? 

Initially, Bumalift was funded by the co-founders through Incredible Web. As the product evolved, more resources were required to support and maintain the solution, including customer support and data mining. Eventually, the co-founders sought and succeeded in obtaining funding from the TAKEOFF Seed Fund Award, Transport Malta and Malta Enterprise. The concept was very well received and with a working prototype in hand, coupled with the vision which the co-founders shared, the investors agreed to support and endorse the project. The project has also managed to attract the attention of foreign multinational transport agencies, with whom we are discussing to develop Bumalift further.

What are your plans for the future? 

For the past year, we have been working closely with a reputable multinational transport agency which is interested in taking Bumalift to new heights. A number of updates and features are being introduced to the platform, which will eventually see Bumalift compete with other internationally renowned carpooling applications. The vision is to see Bumalift operate in a number of communities both publicly and privately, improving the existing transport infrastructure simply by utilising empty car seats and facilitating the introduction between passengers looking for a lift and generous drivers.

Why Malta?

Both co-founders are Maltese. With its warm climate and sunny weather Malta is appealing to employers seeking to recruit and grow their startups. The local startup scene is also very active and the country is currently going through a phase where entrepreneurship is encouraged and supported both through government and private initiatives.

Malta presents a number of challenges due to the fact that it is geographically isolated from mainland Europe and traffic is a big problem, so we wanted to provide a solution that could improve the situation. The data gathered locally was vital to help identify the problem and test a number of solutions.

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