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Ones to Watch: Bojoko

Bojoko is a casino comparison website where both players and online casinos can come together to share their casino stories. Bojoko is owned and operated by Good Game Ltd which was founded in 2011 by Toni Halonen and Ville Sissonen. Jussi Kauppinen joined Good Game as its third owner in 2013.


What is it? 

Bojoko is an online casino comparison site. It works like Airbnb for online casinos. Most of our competitors create all their content themselves, but we have a different approach. We've built an iGaming platform where both players and operators can create content together with us. We think outside the box when it comes to other things as well. For example, our company offers six-hour workdays to employees. Among other perks we offer, this is by far the most appreciated one. 


Good Game's office

Who’s behind it? 

We are now a team of 12 people and all but one is from Finland. Our CFO, John Farrugia, is the only non-Finn and he’s from Malta. 


How is it funded? 

Good Game Ltd and Bojoko are funded privately by our co-founders. We have never used outside financing.


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What are your plans for the future? 

We are gradually adding new features on Bojoko, which will push forward our three focus areas:

  • Safety
  • Seamless playing
  • Entertainment

In our view, these three areas drive the iGaming user experience the most. By concentrating on creating the best user experience, we aim to change iGaming in a positive way.

We also plan to expand from the UK market to other jurisdictions in the near future. This is very exciting as we get to see how we can scale our product efficiently without sacrificing the user experience. 


Why Malta? 

Back in 2011, Malta was one of the few jurisdictions in Europe licensing online casinos. We were pretty much choosing between Malta and Gibraltar. Malta offers a lot more options in social and business life compared to Gibraltar, so the decision was easy to make. Nowadays, Malta’s iGaming hub is so comprehensive that it would be difficult to leave the country. There are unique connections between many iGaming companies, regulators, lawyers and finance companies. This isn’t offered anywhere else on this scale.



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