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Ones to Watch: Biz Cab

Biz Cab is a taxi company for business people and companies. Founded in 2017 by three entrepreneurs - Ryan Galea, Benjamin Carlotti and Valéry Bollier - the company is in the process of growing the size of its fleet.

What is it? 

Biz Cab is a transportation company dedicated to business people and companies. Its mission is to offer the best quality of transportation services in Malta, through the use of the most efficient mobile application on the market, which is available already in 15 countries.


Biz Cab features a fleet of brand new smart cars that are spacious, secured with WiFi connection and equipped with mobile phone chargers. Drivers are carefully selected and trained to provide the best quality of services to every customer. They work for a maximum of eight hours per day and bonuses are only based on customer feedback. Most importantly, to ensure that cabs are always on time, fewer rides per driver a day are scheduled.



Who is behind it?

The company was founded by three entrepreneurs, two from the digital industry and one from the Maltese taxi industry. Ryan Galea has been a white taxi driver for over 12 years. He has always offered the best quality of service to his customers, who are very loyal to him. Subsequently, he was looking to expand and grow his business into a larger fleet. The other two co-founders of the company, Benjamin Carlotti and Valéry Bollier, enabled him to access funds and provided him with the best technology and entrepreneurial know-how to give life to his vision.


How is it funded?

The company is a owner financed business. As demand for its services has already exploded since the launch four months ago, Biz Cab is currently in the process of doubling the size of its fleet. The company may therefore welcome new local investors within the next few months to support its growth.



What are the plans for the future? 

Biz Cab aims to keep focus on the B2B market and offer corporate clients the best transportation service on the island. A dozen companies have already put their trust in Biz Cab only a few months after its launch, which far surpasses initial plans and expectations. These results have been achieved without any marketing presence, as the idea is to grow through a healthy plan based on clients’ feedback. The company also aims at increasing the fleet size, while keeping the same standard of excellence. 


Why Malta?

Malta is a great market opportunity. Transportation companies are mostly targeting tourists, given the size of this market. Those customers have very different expectations to the people working on a daily basis on the island. Overall, it is simply impossible to offer a mass-market service that will also fit the needs of the more demanding clientele. Biz Cab was therefore created with the sole intention of responding to the unsatisfied needs of high-end clients within the transportation space in Malta.



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