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Ones to Watch: Altern

Altern was set up in 2008 with the objective to tackle issues related to energy. The company aims at providing simple and effective sustainable solutions that are both financially end environmentally feasible.


What is it?

Altern is a company focused on promoting sustainable technologies and renewable energy. The company’s goal is to promote cost-effective measures that can be easily implemented, leading to immediate improvements in our dependence on conventional sources of energy.

Altern offers expertise within the sustainable energy sector, with a focus on energy auditing, energy management, solar energy, battery technology, LED lighting, and cogeneration.

Through its constant innovation and close cooperation with its partners, the organisation has managed to set itself apart, offering added-value consultancy, designing unique alternative energy systems, and manufacturing a range of its products in Malta.


Who’s behind it?

Today, Altern's shareholders are Matthew Spiteri, who also acts as the Managing Director, and the Abertax Group, a manufacturing company focused on battery technology. 

Altern is made up mostly of engineers and technical personnel who ensure constant innovation, experienced knowledge, and successful implementation of projects.


Matthew Spiteri


How is it funded?

Altern is solely funded by shareholders’ own funds.


What are your plans for the future?

Altern believes in constant, solid, organic growth through innovation. The company has a number of ongoing R&D projects, which result in new products, mostly in the LED and solar sector. In addition, through the manufacturing capabilities of the company's shareholders, Altern has been building a range of LED lights locally and has now started promoting these within mainland Europe, with internationalisation becoming an important milestone for the company.


Why Malta?

Malta is an important test base for sustainable technologies, and the growing local real estate market has helped further uptake of such innovations. In addition, local research funds and Malta’s business links with Europe in general help in enhancing the business opportunities for locally based companies.



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