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Ones to Watch: Altaro Software

Ones to Watch looks at Altaro Software, a fast-growing developer which provides full-featured and affordable backup software. The company was founded in Malta in 2009 and has grown rapidly over the years.


What is it?

Altaro Software is a fast-growing developer of easy-to-use and affordable backup solutions for small and mid-market businesses.

Specialising in backup for virtualised environments, its offerings encompass enterprise-class features and functionality. The company has grown rapidly over the years with its flagship solution Altaro VM Backup, which gained traction as the natural choice for Hyper-V and VMware data recovery.

Altaro counts more than 40,000 businesses in 110 countries as its customers, and has over 7,000 partners worldwide. The company has recently been recognised as EY World Entrepreneur of the Year Rising Star 2017 and won the Malta International Business Award 2017.

Who’s behind it?

Altaro Software was founded in Malta in 2009 and started out as a bootstrapped operation in a basement. Today, the company is headquartered at the Life Sciences Park in San Gwann (Malta) and has offices in the US, the UK, Germany and Macedonia.

Its four co-founders are David Vella, Chief Executive Officer; Stephen Chetcuti Bonavita, Worldwide Vice-President of Sales & Marketing; Simon Attard, Chief Product Officer; and Julian Pace Ross, Chief Technical Officer.

They each hold extensive experience in the IT and software sphere, and together head a highly valued team of 70+ employees worldwide to achieve the company’s goals.


How is it funded?

The company is self-funded and has aggressive plans to continue accelerating growth.


What are your plans for the future?

Altaro plans to continue building its team in Malta and internationally and has reinvested in its development, sales, marketing and support departments to fuel its growth in all areas. This is coupled with an office expansion in Malta and a newly opened office in Macedonia.

The team is working to continue enhancing and expanding its product portfolio by providing a wider range of offerings in the backup and recovery space.

By operating to a structured plan and continuing to adopt a laser-sharp focus, Altaro Software aims to be the world’s top brand in its sphere.


Why did you choose Malta to do what you are doing?

Apart from the fact that the co-founders are Maltese, a key factor that led them to choose Malta is the family feel – culturally, when joining a company, many Maltese employees feel as though they are joining a family rather than simply starting a new role. This is critical to Altaro’s ethos of cultivating a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, where employees can develop, grow and innovate in a nurturing, casual environment.

Also important are the strong aptitude and skill levels, partially in technology, sales and marketing; the committed mindset; widespread fluency in English –vital to an international organisation – and the convenient time zone.




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