Moving to Malta Checklist

  • Find out if you and/or family members need a visa and make the application as soon as possible if you do.
  • If you are renting a house, tell your landlord. Under many contracts you are required to give notice several months in advance.
  • Cancel your utilities in advance: electricity, gas, oil, water, telephone (also your mobile) and internet.
  • Sell anything that you are not taking with you (cars, furniture, property, etc). Otherwise you can ask friends to take care of it or put it in storage.
  • Cancel your subscription to any clubs, associations, courses, newspapers, etc.
  • Close your bank accounts unless you think that you will use them.
  • Inform the tax/local authorities that you are leaving.
  • Give your new address to your friends, family and business associates.
  • Redirect your mail.
  • Prepare a folder with the most important documents such as your new employment contract, new rental agreements, past utility bills and a bank reference – all of which is required to sort out your residency, tax and employment status in Malta. 



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