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Ones to Watch: Mighty Box

Mighty Box is a game development studio based in Malta. Primarily focused on producing indie games, the company plans to further expand into new markets and become an internationally recognised brand for quality games with a focus on innovation.

What is it? 

Mighty Box is a game development studio. We are primarily focused on developing and bringing the best indie games to the international market. Mighty Box aims to make games that break the new ground and give players novel experiences, whether the novelty arises from game mechanics, controls, narrative or aesthetics. We develop digital games for mobile, desktop and web platforms, and we have also developed and published very successful table-top board games. Aside from our own titles, Mighty Box also carries out other commissioned work, including web and app development, AR/VR and interactive displays, 3D modelling and animation. 


Who’s behind it? 

Mighty Box was incorporated in April 2014, founded by Fabrizio Calì Gordon Calleja, Mark Casha, Thomas Cuschieri and Marvin Zammit. Gordon, being an academic in digital games, was the catalyst who brought us together. Each of us had a professional background outside of game development - Mark is a designer and an academic, Fabrizio had several years of experience in 3D modelling, animation and media production, Thomas was a musician working with a number of local bands, Marvin came from an electronics/software engineering background and started working as the lead programmer and director at the company. Apart from the expertise that each of us brings to the company, we work with a number of collaborators who allow us to expand our portfolio.


Mighty Box team 

How is it funded? 

Mighty Box is partially self-funded and partially funded by government grands. In addition, MUHC of the University of Malta has invested in our company since we were one of the first start-up companies at the TakeOff Centre, the start-up incubation and accelerator program set up by the Centre for Entrepreneurship & Business Incubation.


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What are your plans for the future? 

We plan to expand our portfolio of games, grow our business in existing markets and expand into new ones. Our vision is to become an internationally recognised brand for quality games with a focus on innovation. 


Why Malta? 

All of our founders were based in Malta when we launched the company. Furthermore, we wanted to be part of the growing game development industry here in Malta to contribute towards the growth of the local scene. The University of Malta’s TakeOff Business Incubator has definitely helped us to get established locally. However, the fact that we are based in Malta doesn't stop us from going global. We have already collaborated with a number of suppliers and customers from all over the world, including the United States and China.


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