Melita launches 4.5G network

Melita has partnered with Ericsson in order to provide its 4.5 G network, which will be rolled out among its customers for free this year.


Harald Rosch, Melita’s CEO, mentioned the improvement in customer care the company has made, and noted that the network is 5G ready, but noted that the software would be needed to achieve that.

The CEO noted that some of the few complaints the company receives is due to coverage in certain areas, but added that the 4.5 G would help solve this issue. It would also mean internet speeds of up to 200 megabits per second.

For current customers, there will be no extra charge, he said, adding that all subscribers will have access to 4.5G come September. 4.5G is available at no additional cost with Melita’s Postpaid and Data SIM plans. Flow3 will also have 4.5G.

Parliamentary Secretary for the Digital Economy Silvio Schembri mentioned that this move by Melita is in line with the government’s agenda to make Malta 5G ready. He said that Malta is now just one step away from the finish line.

5G technology is the next step towards investment and innovation, the Parliamentary Secretary added.

Mireille Muscat, Melita’s head of marketing announced the launch of a new mobile plan, which will allow a flow between 3GB of mobile data and 300 minutes of calls, for €15 a month. She said that the plan adapts to a customer’s needs, and the amount used could be transferred between calls and minutes. Any leftover amounts will carry over to the next month, she said. The plan also has unlimited SMS.




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