Malta, Turkey sign maritime agreement

A maritime agreement was signed today between Transport Minister Joe Mizzi and his Turkish counterpart Lutfi Elvan, who is in Malta on an official visit.

The agreement aims to give new impetus to the existing cooperation while creating a comprehensive framework to the transport and maritime affairs relations between the two countries

 It also works towards developing further relations and enhancing cooperation in the maritime field while remaining in line with the principles of mutual benefit.

The agreement allows both countries to promote coordination in maritime trade to enhance safety and security measures of navigation to pave the way for more future contacts on a technical level.

Both ministers agreed that, given their geographical positions, both Malta and Turkey had the necessary advantage of creating new venues of cooperation in other sectors.

Mr Elvan said Turkey would encourage businessmen to explore the opportunities Malta presented and expected a similar interest from Maltese businessmen.

The two ministers affirmed that, with the daily connection flights of Turkish airlines from Istanbul to Malta and vice-versa, which were eventually to increase to 10 flights per week in spring, the two countries had become closer. Mr Elvan invited Mr Mizzi to visit Turkey later this year.

Source: Times of Malta



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