Malta Enterprise Launches ‘Get Ready’ Scheme

"Get Ready" Scheme aims to help SMEs that Trade or do Business with the UK.

Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses Chris Cardona addressed a business breakfast titled ‘Brexit: threats, challenges and opportunities’, hosted by Malta Enterprise, the Chamber of Commerce and GRTU.

The Get Ready scheme has purposely been designed to provide advisory support to Maltese businesses to get ready for the various possible future trade relationships that may arise between the EU and Britain after 29th March 2019. Aid shall be granted in the form of a cash grant covering 50% of the costs for advisory services. Minister Cardona said that the ministry is doing its utmost to help Maltese businesses make the transition with the least possible impact and that the launching of the Get Ready scheme is a significant foundation block. 

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During his address, Minister Cardona welcomed the agreement reached between EU and UK negotiators and stated that this deal gives Maltese citizens residing in the UK peace of mind about their status. “This was always our main priority as we have always said that people should not become bargaining chips.” Furthermore, Minister Cardona noted that this deal is important because it includes a transition period, stating that, “this will provide peace of mind for our businesses as it confirms that there will be a smooth transition to the future relationship between Malta and the UK. It also gives businesses some breathing space within which they would be able to operate, for the most part, as they had before Brexit came into effect”. 

In his remarks, the minister outlined that in the face of a worrying rise in protectionism, both the EU and the UK must work on delivering new agreements which are in the best interests of our people. “It is our responsibility as politicians to reach an enduring solution cast in the interests of the people we are elected to serve.”

CEO of Malta Enterprise Mario Galea and Dan O’Brien Chief, Economist Institute of International and Economic Affairs also addressed the event.


Source: Press Release by the Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses 



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