Malta-based start-up community launches Silicon Valletta initiative

As the business success stories coming out of Malta double month on month, many tech-entrepreneurs feel that even more could be achieved only if there was a concerted effort. In Silicon Valletta they might have created the solution themselves.

CEOs and directors of some of the hottest companies in the tech-related industries have developed a lobby group which has now been officially launched under the name Silicon Valletta. Silicon Valletta, a clear reference both to the world’s start-up capital (Silicon Valley in California) and Malta’s own capital city, will operate as a national advocate for the needs and wishes of a budding cohort of motivated entrepreneurs based in Malta.

The scope of Silicon Valletta is to build stronger relationships among professional Maltese start-up entrepreneurs and to provide opportunities for its initial 40 members to meet face to face in a social setting. This is hoped to encourage direct communication, cooperation and knowledge sharing and act as a central point for government and other stakeholders to consult and lobby with. The initiative has already garnered support from Malta’s communication regulator, the Malta Communications Authority, and from audit firm KPMG.

Silicon Valletta will be meeting on a monthly basis to discuss the current challenges of the industry and share ideas as to how digital business will affect Malta. The association is based on a culture of open dialogue and support and is thoroughly committed to giving Malta visibility on a global level.


NETWORKING: The productive mingling of people and ideas is at the very core of what Silicon Valletta wants to be

LOBBYING KEY STAKEHOLDERS: Silicon Valletta will be lobbying key stakeholders in order to attain the needed advancements in the tech start-ups ecosystem. Photo Credit: Jure Rejec (OulalaGames)


PART OF THE TEAM: CountryProfiler represented here by Director EMEA, Garvan Keating (centre) has been supporting Silicon Valletta since its early stages. Photo Credit: Jure Rejec (OulalaGames)

Minister for Competitiveness and the Digital Economy, Dr Emmanuel Mallia, who was present at the launch, welcomed Silicon Valletta’s formation and added how developments such as the Digital Single Market are bringing about a new paradigm offering novel business opportunities for those who can recognise and exploit them. The Minister also highlighted that Malta can benefit economically if it continues to be attractive to digital businesses.

At the launch, held at the Fortress Builders centre in Valletta, co-founder Simon Azzopardi thanked other main collaborators who helped bring this idea to reality, including other founding members such as Valéry Bollier from OulalaGames and Andrei-Andy Linnas.



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