Malta: the iGaming Hub where you come, you settle, you succeed

It comes as no surprise that the island’s success as iGaming hub is having the knock-on effect of enticing related industries into establishing a presence of their own, says Ivan Filletti of the GamingMalta Foundation

Some of the world’s biggest and smallest iGaming operators have set up shop in Malta, making the island as important to online gambling as London or New York are to finance.

Malta is increasingly one of the most advanced and respected online gaming jurisdictions in the world, as well as having the most licensed operators. GamingMalta's mission is to engage with all the key stakeholders and ensure we connect with the different parts of the ecosystem to promote, strengthen and accelerate the growth across all gaming sectors. 

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Joining and connecting the dots within the ecosystem is a vital component of our game. Our networking events and international roadshows serve as a platform for this. These also help to attract investors to the iGaming industry. GamingMalta also supports and promote start-up events so that entrepreneurs are giving an opportunity to present their business models. 

Our strong economy, EU member state credentials and resources, people and culture, as well as a strong presence of B2B and B2C companies and an affiliate cluster, give any operator an immediate plug into the gaming sector. To this, add the lifestyle on this sunny Mediterranean island, which is so special. 

Remote gaming is only a part of this marvellous world of gaming. So we are working on three other verticals – Daily Fantasy Sports, esports and Video Gaming. This all boils down to a talent game. We want to work closely with the sector in order to attract key talent to Malta.  

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