Leading the Artificial Intelligence Revolution in Medical Devices

Victor Skalin, Head of Sales and Business Development at Umana Medical Technologies, tells MaltaProfile more about the first Heart Monitor that gathers data from nano-material skin sensors. Having grouped together a team of medical experts and global advisors, Umana is currently leading the way in applied Artificial Intelligence.

Every business has a story. Can you tell us yours and describe your operational set up in Malta?

It all started at a University in Italy, where researchers came up with what was to later become our Smarter Skin sensor. Dr Adrian Attard Trevisan, co-founder and CEO of Umana, saw the huge potential of this technology, and came up with the idea of developing a device that can monitor vital signs by using this sensor as a form of second skin. Our goal is to provide the market with a device which is as easy to use and comfortable as a smart watch for example, but still be able to give you the medical grade data which doctors and physicians can rely on.


Dr Adrian Attard Trevisan, Co-founder and CEO at Umana Medical Technologies

What are the main products and services that you offer and what is the technology behind them?

Our first product, which will soon go on the market, is the Umana T1 Heart Monitor. T1 Heart Monitor is a wireless medical device which makes use of today’s smart technology. This small device sticks to our Smarter Skin sensor, and is able to transmit data such as ECG, blood pressure and the user’s heart rate to name but a few. The Smarter Skin is made of nano-material and can be described as a truly avant-garde invention when it comes to applied Artificial Intelligence. This skin sensor is like a second skin, and it is almost invisible. Additionally, we also service doctors and hospitals with our bio-signals studio, which is a diagnostic grade software.


Umana T1 Heart Monitor

What are the key competitive advantages and key challenges of doing business in Malta?

Being from Sweden, I have been living in Malta for over 10 years now, and I see a lot of advantages of doing business in Malta. When the quality of life is raised, you can help thriving in business as well, and to me there is no question that Malta provides a good quality of life. Malta is a small country, with a population of less than half a million people. This is a double-edged sword: on the one hand, it offers great networking opportunities as it is easy to approach the industry key players and stakeholders, on the other hand, the small size of the island can be a limit as well, and I believe the Maltese government should implement new strategies to help businesses to move to the island.


Victor Skalin, Head of Sales and Business Development at Umana Medical Technologies

What are the biggest opportunities for your particular business and for your sector?

Our biggest opportunity is to take full advantage of the technological advancement, that nowadays we take for granted. At Umana, we strive to be pioneers when it comes to modern technology. We have big goals, and I predict that in the coming months the company will not only meet those goals but exceed people’s expectations.


Umana Medical Technologies aims at improving the quality of lives to its customers


Which suggestions would you give the Government & authorities to help the country remain relevant for your industry?

I think the government needs to promote Malta to entrepreneurs. Financial benefits and tax incentives are helpful, but they are not the only mean for the country to remain relevant in this field. The Government should support the creation of a hub for new technologies and companies who are willing to push the envelope. Malta needs to make it attractive for innovators especially for the Medical Device sector, which is not only an exciting one, but is also pivotal in saving lives and improve the quality of lives to our customers.


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What plans do you have for growing the company in 2018 and beyond?

Our device can already out-smart our competitors. Of course, it is mainly an ECG/Holter device, which is something common in a medical setting. But making use of Artificial Intelligence, nano-technology and other smart solutions, we believe that this innovation is a revolutionary step for the Medical Device industry, which allows us to move towards a simpler, smarter and most importantly safer future. Umana Medical Technologies has very big goals, and we are sure that our T1 Monitor will be an industry standard for patient-monitoring. 


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