The World's First Institutional-Grade Crypto Brokerage

Kristian Haehndel, CEO of Digital Quantitative Research (DQR), shines a light on how his company is delivering cryptocurrency users an institutional-grade experience.

Can you give us a short introduction to your company and the two products you will be launching on the market?

Essentially, our company ( has three main divisions: research & education, financial products and our philanthropic foundation, which receives a portion of the profits from our commercial operations to support charitable projects. DQR was founded in 2016 with Genesis Mining, the largest cloud bitcoin mining company in the world, with the aim of providing platforms for trading in cryptocurrencies and financial products. The first product we are bringing to the market is the DQR30 token, which tracks the performance of 30 top cryptocurrencies (excluding Tether). The second is an institutional-grade brokerage exchange, which has been designed from the ground up to answer many of the problems that are impacting cryptocurrency traders at the moment.


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Can you elaborate more on the brokerage product?

The brokerage platform will provide a one-stop-shop where users can get access to multiple exchanges, with just one login. We want to create a product that will be the gold standard of the industry and address many of the shortcomings users currently experience on exchanges, such as the time it takes to open an account, inefficient Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, lack of price transparency, transaction delays, price manipulation and cyber security issues.  

Accessibility is a major issue for many parts of the world, including major economies such as Russia, India and many other developing nations, where users have to pay a significant price premium to acquire cryptocurrencies. With this technology we will bridge the gap and connect users in these countries to the global network. While we cannot reveal how we do this exactly, a key part of our strategy is to have front offices in major cities around the world and jurisdictions where we find the biggest inefficiencies. This provides us with the opportunity to offer our products in those geographical regions while allowing our customers to transact in their local currency, offering users the most fair and transparent price available.  We will then do all the heavy lifting and acquire the cryptocurrencies for the client. But we are not only solving the accessibility issue, we are also speeding up transaction times. We are building the platform with institutional-grade infrastructure, which will even allow high frequency trading.


From left to right: Dr. Kristian Haehndel, CEO of Digital Quantitative Research (DQR) and Silvio Schembri, Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation

What was the idea behind the DQR30 and what type of clients are you targeting?  

Given our long-term exposure to industry, people were constantly asking us which cryptocurrency they should invest in. This inspired us to create an index product that would move the complexity of which coin to choose, what wallet to hold or technology to use and package it into one token that would give exposure to the entire market. We wanted to design a product that makes it easy for users to get access to cryptocurrencies. Due to the large number of cryptocurrencies, we noticed a high level of insecurity on the retail side. The DQR30 token addresses this insecurity and gives users instant access to 30 top cryptocurrencies, spreading their investment risk across a variety of cryptocurrency projects. The DQR30 Index contains all major technologies with a few exceptions. To be included in the index, the cryptocurrency needs to be listed on multiple exchanges. Over time, as the user base grows and demand increases from retail or institutional clients, we will start to roll out more complex indices and other products to the market. While the DQR30 Index is primarily aimed at the retail market, we also have the DQR OTC service for wealth managers and institutional clients.    


From left to right: Dr. Kristian Haehndel, CEO of Digital Quantitative Research (DQR) and Marco Streng, CEO and Co-Founder of Genesis Mining

What plans do you have for the coming years?

Our number one goal is to empower people and connect them to the marketplaces best meeting their needs, no matter where they are in the world, and by the end of next year, we will be rolling out our network of  front offices. 


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