Government of Malta and Malta Chamber of Commerce launch Tech.MT

Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation Silvio Schembri launched Tech.MT, a non-profit foundation that will function between the Government of Malta and the Malta Chamber of Commerce.

“The launch marks the successful execution of yet another budget promise. Tech.MT will serve as a marketing arm for a technology driven economy and will deliver the message of what makes Malta the powerhouse of economic innovation”, explained Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri while adding that this year’s budget tripled the budget allocated for this measure.

Silvio Schembri said that while the Malta Digital Innovation Authority will be focusing on its regulatory role, through its diligent efforts Tech.MT will ensure that Malta is positioned as an attractive working location within key tech areas as are: Cloud Apps, Internet of Things, DLT, Artificial Intelligence, Regulatory Technology and Big Data Analytics.

“Through Tech.MT, Malta will be actively promoted in foreign fairs, conferences as well as educational institutions such as universities. The interest in Malta and its activity within this new emerging sector was quite remarkable, giving rise to companies which had already announced their decision of relocating to Malta. Tech.MT will be supporting these companies by assisting them in promoting their services away from our shores”, said the Parliamentary Secretary. 



Headded that strengthening our workforce’s digital skills within the digital realm and beyond has topped the national agenda. “We want youths to be part of our vision, in fact one of the Government’s appointees on the board will be a student representative who shall chair the youth sub-committee that will support the governors’ vision and help them to keep abreast of students’ educational aspirations related to these tech areas”, said Silvio Schembri. 

“I am honoured, that as President of the Malta Chamber, I am joining the Parliamentary Secretary to launch Tech.MT, a new foundation that shall seek to promote Malta as a tech centre for innovative technologies. The aim of Tech.MT shall be to promote Malta as a tech centre for innovative technologies. That means that through this new body, we want to assist tech companies based in Malta in exporting their information and communications technology beyond our shores. With this clear aim, I am convinced that it will be instrumental in taking this prolific industry to the next level, building on the strengths that it already enjoys and move forward to new ambitious highs. So I appeal to all practitioners in the field of tech to come forward and talk to the Chamber and see for themselves how we can help them”, said the President of the Malta Chamber.

Chairman of Tech.MT Mark Bugeja explained that Tech.MT’s vision is based on four main pillars: to promote Malta as a tech centre for innovative technologies within industry verticals, innovate, assist operators and investors, and attract talent.


Source: Press Release by the Parliamentary Secretariat for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation

Photo Credits - DOI: Jason Borg



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