Defining Business Aviation in Malta

Originally from Switzerland, Comlux Aviation was one of the first companies joining Malta's fast-growing aviation sector 10 years ago.



Every business has a story. Can you tell us yours?

Comlux Aviation was born in 2003 in Switzerland to provide business aviation services, mainly VIP aircraft management and VIP charter services. The company grew quickly both in Europe but also in the US with the completion of a maintenance centre for large VIP aircraft. In 2008, we selected Malta to base our Comlux Holding headquarters and our new EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) AOC (Air Operator Certificate). As the first VIP operator on site, we became a pioneer in developing business aviation in Malta. Today, we have around 40 people on site and 120 crew flying with our VIP aircraft fleet. We manage some 20 aircraft flying around the world, either with their private owners or with charter clients contracted by our specific Charter Sales division. This year marks 10 years since Comlux Aviation set up in Malta, and we intend to keep going and grow our presence even more.


What are the key competitive advantages of Malta and what are the key challenges of doing business internationally from Malta?  

Comlux Aviation was the number one business aviation operator established in Malta, about 10 years ago. We were looking for a country that could support and strengthen our business, and Malta offered, and continues to offer, several key competitive advantages that are essential in our line of business:

  • Convenient location, in the centre of the Mediterranean;
  • European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) membership;
  • English-speaking workforce;
  • Safe environment;
  • Professional and experienced civil aviation authorities;
  • Business-friendly environment.


Comlux Aviation has about 20 VIP aircraft flying around the world offering the highest standards of safety and quality


What are the biggest opportunities for your particular business and for your sector in general in Malta? 

Comlux Aviation aims to acquire top customers who wish to have the best safety and security. We are a business aviation operator who can execute flights offering the highest standards and the best VIP and VVIP onboard service. Malta's aviation sector provides the right environment to allow us to meet our clients' expectations.


What ideas or suggestions would you give the authorities that would help the country to remain relevant for the aviation industry?

Comlux Aviation really appreciates the support from the aviation authorities and the Maltese Government as they work together with the aviation companies. However, to bring Malta to a higher level, the Maltese Government needs to attract the suppliers and vendors that sustain our industry. Investment is required in training centres for crew and technical personnel. Additionally, the country would need to attract sales & brokerage companies in order to create a one-stop shop for the entire industry. This will take time, but we believe that the Maltese Government is willing to move in this direction.       


Comlux Aviation team in Malta


What plans do you have for growing the company in 2018 and beyond? 

We are looking to expand our fleet of large cabins, based on our long-time experience with Airbus and Boeing. We would also like to increase our presence in the medium and heavy business jet segment.

In order to support this growth, we are developing a strong and modern IT infrastructure and investing in our people in Malta. Whether our people are working on the ground or in the sky, they are our strongest asset and ensure that we best serve our customers in a truly unique VIP Business Aviation environment. We aim to make our company the most successful it can be.   


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