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CEO of the Week: Thomas Kalita, CEO of Angler Gaming

Thomas Kalita is CEO of Angler Gaming plc, a Maltese holding company listed on the Swedish stock exchange, Spotlight Stock Market, which invests in companies providing gaming services over the Internet. The main focus of the operation is to own and administer internet gambling companies. Thomas has many years of experience in the iGaming industry. He is also Founder, Owner and Director of Thomas Holdings Ltd and CEO of Nordic Entertainment Ltd. 


Executive Profile 

Name: Thomas Kalita

Born: 2nd of August 1969

Marital status: In a relationship

Family: Alexandra and three children (Adam, Max and Alexander)

Home: Renting a house in Spinola Bay

Car: Porsche Cayenne

School/Education: Stockholm University, Master of Science degree in Business Administration and IT

First job: Project Manager at Schlumberger InfoData

Current job & company: CEO of Angler Gaming plc, a Maltese Holding company listed on the Swedish Stock Exchange

Favourite pastime: Boating - I have 3 boats in Malta - and scuba diving

Favourite book: Business Focused Development. I wrote a part of this book back in 2003, it is about a case study of agile software development showing the benefits of unifying software development and business departments within an organisation.

Favourite film: The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Favourite music: Techno

Favourite gadget: My phone, Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Last holiday: Dubai. I usually combine work and holidays.


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Favourite quote: "When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills" - Old Chinese saying

Role models/heroes: Peter Keen, previously Professor at Stanford, MIT, Harvard et al. He was also one of my teachers at Stockholm University; Irene von Görtz, my sister, who inspired me to study.

Best advice that I have ever received: From my first job reporting to a CEO (Per Forsberg) and when he told me, “Thomas, the problem with you is that you don’t understand how clever you are”. It really boosted my confidence.

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What does a typical day in your life look like? I have no typical days, but it is all about analysing, negotiating and making decisions: business opportunities, people, trends, innovations, markets, products, regulations and KPIs. In addition, I try to inspire the companies that we have invested in.

What business issues are high on your agenda? Where the Internet is heading since it affects a great deal of our business.

What motivates you to get to the office in the morning? To meet my colleagues and make money.


 San Blas - Gozo (Photo Credits:

My Malta

My favourite location: All around Gozo and particularly San Blas

My favourite local food: Maltese pizza 

My favourite dining experience: Fumia restaurant

My favourite nightspot: Spinola Bay



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