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CEO of the Week: Nikolai Livori, Founder and CEO of Yobetit

Nikolai Livori is a Maltese entrepreneur with many years of experience in the iGaming industry. Nikolai founded Yobetit in 2011, after completing a degree in Mathematics, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Malta. Prior to founding Yobetit, Nikolai worked for five years at as Chief Technology Officer. He is also the founder & CEO of OddsDaily, owner of Online Sports Blog and CEO & Managing Director of MathEPIC. 

Executive Profile

Name: Nikolai Livori

Born: 15th October, 1984

Marital status: Not Married

Family: My partner, 3 lovely dogs, my close friends and my work mates

Home: Rabat, Mtarfa

Car: Hyundai and Porsche

School/Education: St. Aloysius College, then University of Malta. I studied Math, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

First job: Software Programmer using PHP and Perl

Current job & company: Founder and CEO and various other projects

Favourite pastime: Software programming and creating games

Favourite book: The Goal, by Eliyahu M. Goldratt, suggested to me by an old friend of mine.

Favourite film: Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, I like them both equally

Favourite music: Classic Rock

Favourite gadget: Microsoft Surface Pro

Last holiday: Capri, Italy

Favourite quote: A friend in need, is a friend indeed

Role models/heroes: Tony Stark

Best advice that I have ever received: To arm myself with knowledge and help others grow with me. Also to trust selectively.


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What does a typical day in your life look like?

First thing I do is tend to my dogs, shower, read my emails, leave my house (and take my dogs with me to the office). As soon as I get to Yobetit, I shake hands with everyone, and make sure everyone is happy and have all they need to work effectively. Next, I have a nice cup of tea and a cigarette; then I start discussing the plan of the day with my colleagues. When the day is over, I go home and relax. Before I go to bed, I dedicate some time to my side projects or spend some hours reading about a new technology. Occasionally, I play PC games or play the piano. Finally, I grab my iPad and put on YouTube or Twitch, and go to bed.

What business issues are high on your agenda?

I’m an optimist, so I tackle issues as challenges and a way to grow the business. Our current challenges are growing our product verticals and obtaining new gaming licences. Unfortunately, having a Maltese Gaming licence is not enough any more.

What motivates you to get to the office in the morning?

The fact that, by the end of the day, the company has moved forward another inch, or a mile! I enjoy going to work, meet up with the team and see progress – that’s enough to put a smile on my face while driving to the office.


Mdina, the old capital of Malta

My Malta

My favourite location: Mdina

My favourite local food: Bragioli

My favourite dining experience: There are too many restaurants that I enjoy to mention them all.

My favourite nightspot: When out having drinks, it is Paceville.


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