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CEO of the Week: Michael Callus, CEO of the Malta Maritime Forum

Michael Callus is an experienced business development specialist with many years of experience in the liner maritime industry. Skilled in negotiation, operations management, freight, ocean transportation and international shipping, Michael is also the business development director and partner of Medsea Holdings and a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers. Prior to joining the Malta Maritime Forum, Michael has served the United Arab Shipping Company in Dubai and has worked in Italy for the South European Container Hub (Genoa) and the Terminal Darsena (Livorno). 

Michael Callus, CEO of Malta Maritime Forum & Business Development Director and Partner of Medsea Holdings

Executive Profile

Name: Michael Callus

Born: 19/01/58

Marital status: Married

Family: Wife, a son and a daughter and the cat Dillo.

Home: Rabat

Car: Audi Q 5

School/Education: Nautical Institute, Officer of the Watch and Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Ship Brokers

First job: Navigation Officer with Sea Malta Company Limited

Current job & company: CEO Malta Maritime Forum / Business Development Director (and Partner) at Medsea Holdings

Favourite pastime: Wargaming, Football and European History

Favourite book: Wargames by Donald F. Featherstone

Favourite film: Kingdom of Heaven and Braveheart

Favourite music: Joe Cocker, Phil Collins and Celine Dion

Favourite gadget: My garage remote

Last holiday: Lake Bled Slovenia

Favourite quote: "You make your own luck"

Role models/heroes: My father

Best advice that I have ever received: Prove yourself through hard work, not words!

What does a typical day in your life look like?

I normally wake up at 7am. Start work at the office around 9am, dividing my time between my business and the Forum. I normally end my day of work at 7pm pending any late meetings.

What business issues are high on your agenda?

Strategy and planning for the future and keeping abreast with technological developments.

What motivates you to get to the office in the morning?

There is always something new to learn in the maritime business.



Melita Gardens Salina 

My Malta

My favourite location: My summer house in Gozo

My favourite local food: Rabbit in garlic and Ravioli

My favourite dining experience: Melita Gardens Salina

My favourite nightspot: Anywhere serving good food in a quiet environment


Malta's Maritime Flag photo credits: CSB Group

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