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CEO of the Week: Judy Abdilla Inguanez, Head of Office at lecocqassociate Malta

Judy Abdilla Inguanez heads lecocqassociate’s Malta office. After completing her Doctor of Laws from the University of Malta in 2013, she obtained a Masters in EU and Comparative Law from the University of Malta in 2014. At lecocqassociate Malta, Judy handles the structuring and incorporation of financial and non-financial companies. Her areas of practice also include advisory in compliance, risk and anti-money laundering policies and various forms of corporate and commercial activities. Judy is also a member of the Chamber of Advocates since 2014.


Executive Profile 

Name: Judy Abdilla Inguanez

Born: 10 April 1989

Marital status: Married

Family: Married with a child on the way

Home: Malta

Car: Honda Fit

School/Education: Post Graduate Education – Masters Level

First job: Waitress in a restaurant

Current job & company: Head of Malta Office at lecocqassociate ltd

Favourite pastime: Going out to relax and watching movies

Favourite book: At the moment I am reading a guidance book about babies and children and am finding it very interesting as I am learning not only about babies and children but also about myself and dealing with day to day matters (written by Dr. Spock)

Favourite film: The Greatest Showman

Favourite music: Pop Music

Favourite gadget: Phone

Last holiday: North of Italy

Favourite quote: I asked God for all things so that I might enjoy life…He gave me life so that I can enjoy all things.

Role models/heroes: Jesus and family members

Best advice that I have ever received: Do not worry about things you cannot change!


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What does a typical day in your life look like?

I wake up at around 7am, get ready for work and go to work from 9am till 6pm. Once I get home, my husband and I go out for a short walk, then it is time to cook something together, eat and relax.

What business issues are high on your agenda?

Team building, motivation and keeping clients satisfied.

What motivates you to get to the office in the morning?

The atmosphere at the office – the fact that you feel you belong there due to the amazing teamwork we seek to achieve on a day-by-day basis.



My Malta

My favourite location: Hal Safi, the place where I was born and still live. In general I like all locations, especially in the south of Malta.

My favourite local food: Any type of pasta

My favourite dining experience: Most establishments either in the south of Malta or close to Sliema

My favourite nightspot: I am not that much of a party person, so for me a nice drink in a small bar with some nibbles and good company suffices. The location does not matter.


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