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CEO of the Week: Gege Gatt, CEO of EBO

Gege Gatt is Chief Executive Officer at EBO, a technology startup which seeks to disrupt and improve the way businesses interact with their customers. His areas of expertise include IT, law, marketing and business development. Gege is also Vice President of the Malta IT Law Association, Director of Muovo, ICON and Yellow.

Executive Profile 

Name: Gege Gatt

Born: 4th December 1978

Marital status: Married

Family: Two cute kids, Beppe who is five and Luigi who is a newborn

Home: Valletta

Car: BMW X3

School/Education: Doctoral Degree in Law

First job: Video Editor

Current job & company: CEO of

Favourite pastime: Skiing, photography, getting lost in art museums

Favourite book: Ah, so many in so many different domains! To pick one, last year I really enjoyed Yuval Noah Harari’s ’21 Lessons for the 21st Century’.

Favourite film: All Star Wars movies. Yet probably the 1982 (Return of the Jedi) is my favourite as it is steeped in hero mythology. This reminds me of another favourite book: 'The Hero with a Thousand Faces’ by Joseph Campbell.

Favourite music: I enjoy a wide range of genres from jazz to rock, but if I had to pick one tune to listen to over and over to again, perhaps Bach’s Cello Suite No.1 in G, which is magical.

Favourite gadget: This is truly my weakness. I love three gadgets in particular: my MacBook Pro, my Canon 5D MKIV and my noise-cancelling Bose QC35s which are a life-saver on an aeroplane. 

Last holiday: Skiing in Italy’s beautiful Dolomites of Alta Badia.


Favourite quote: ‘Nothing in life is as important as you think it is, while you are thinking about it’ by Daniel Kahneman, an Israeli-American psychologist and economist. Perhaps it’s not a quote but a decent life hack, which reminds me of another good book by Kahneman called ‘Thinking, fast and slow’.

Role models/heroes: I don’t subscribe to ‘heroes’, however, I admire many people for many different reasons: Peter Serracino Inglott for his deep insights, Jeff Bezos for the clarity of his values-based leadership at Amazon, Daphne Caruana Galizia for her tenacity, Churchill for his eloquence and charisma, Martin Luther King and Mandela for raising global awareness around civil rights, Noam Chomsky for his contribution to modern linguistics - a key component of what we do at EBO.

Best advice that I have ever received: The best business advice I received was to ‘hire for attitude, not skill’. 


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What does a typical day in your life look like? 

When in Malta, my alarm goes off at 06.20 and I stumble through toys and books for about half an hour till I eventually get my elder son onto the school van. First order of the day is an espresso, followed by a jog or gym session. I reserve my morning for initiatives which require focus, presence and significant cognitive ability – strategy meetings, financial analysis, product path charting or investor management. Most of my mid-day time is reserved for meetings and conference calls since our team is geographically dispersed in multiple time zones, from Vancouver to Pitsburgh and from Vienna to Mriehel. I get home at 19.00 and play with my boys for a while, dutifully reading stories and talking about school events. Following a light dinner, I generally read or work on delayed projects till midnight before I hit the sack.

What business issues are high on your agenda? 

It’s always the same four priorities, yet represented through different opportunities and projects: people, strategy, execution and finance.

What motivates you to get to the office in the morning? 

My core team at EBO is brilliant. I am fortunate to work with some superb human beings. Our sprint sessions highlight how we bring value to users, communities and industries which we participate it. Seeing positive success metrics from these markets reminds me that our mission is valuable.

My Malta

My favourite location: Walking through the enchanting valleys of Ghasri, Gharb and San Lawrenz in Gozo.

My favourite local food: My mom’s ful bil-kusksuis wicked.

My favourite dining experience: Rubino in Valletta is my favourite local spot. Nevertheless, I love a genuine Italian trattoria, quaint and delicate in Tuscany, or hearty and rough in the Jewish quarter of Rome.

My favourite nightspot: Engrossed in music at the Manoel Theatre or a quiet star-lit spot away from the cacophony and bustle of popular hives. 



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