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CEO of the Week: Francina Moisa, Managing Director of Nicholls Moisa


With over ten years of experience in recruitment, Francina Moisa has become one of the top recruitment consultants specialising in talent acquisition for Financial Services, Legal & IT companies. Since 2016, Francina is the Managing Director of Nicholls Moisa, one of the leading specialist recruitment firms within the finance sector in Malta. Originally from Romania, Francina has also worked and lived in London prior to moving to Malta.


Executive Profile

Name:  Caterina Maria Francina Moisa 

Born:  6th of April, Romania in a small town, called Vaslui

Marital status: Happily married with Cristian for 9 years

Family: One daughter, 3 years old, Suzie

Home: Santa Venera in Malta, Vaslui in Romania and Docklands in London

Car: I heavily contribute to the profitability of taxi services in Malta

School/Education: University of Malta, Higher Diploma in Management, with the view to continue my studies further

First job: Selling sweets and toys at the local Fair at 7 years old

Current job & company: Managing Director, Nicholls Moisa

Favourite pastime: Indulging myself in long spa sessions, watching movies, walking and exploring

Favourite book: “The last night of love, the first night of war” , Camil Petrescu

Favourite film: Braveheart

Favourite music: Gothic rock and Heavy Metal

Favourite gadget: My iPhone

Last holiday: Dubai

Favourite quote: “What we do now, echoes in eternity” – Marcus Aurelius

Role models/heroes: Personally, my mother, who throughout my life showed me how to be strong, how to not give up and fight for what is right and who has taught me compassion, empathy and resilience.

Best advice that I have ever received: “With age, comes wisdom” – my first boss, Alex Sakpoba


What does a typical day in your life look like?

During the week, I usually wake up at 6:30 - 7 am and I have breakfast with my daughter. I drop her off to school and then I make my way to the office, but not before stopping for a Cappuccino at La Siciliana in Attard. Once I am in the office, I catch up on business news, locally and internationally and mid – morning, our head of Malta, Francesca and I, map out the business week with activities, goals and targets. The rest of the day is spent drafting new proposals for clients, researching new markets, headhunting for specific roles I am working on, sprinkled in between with more Cappuccino breaks and perhaps a cheeky Lee Evans video and yes, I’ll admit it, the cappuccino breaks are always, unmistakeably, accompanied by at least one Dunhill Silver.

During the weekend, I am on full-time mummy duty, which includes regular visits to playgrounds where I struggle to get down the slide and crawl through tunnels which prompts me to make my usual Monday Diet resolution, which goes out the window on Tuesdays , pretend play where I am forced to eat cardboard pizza carefully baked by Suzie in her toy oven, storytelling (Mummy Dinosaur, anyone? ) and fighting my daughter for the last Kinder chocolate in the cupboard “ Suzie, this one is mummy’s because you already had one and your tummy will hurt” ( it’s not a lie, if it has an ounce of truth, is it?)

What business issues keep you up at night?

At night, it’s pretty much my “me time” so I make a point in freeing my mind from any business issues, so the next day, I can tackle challenges with an objective view.  Sounds good, doesn’t it? The truth is that I am a worrier and a perfectionist – from people management, to client proposals and new markets, I spend a good hour or so reviewing the day, identifying opportunities to fix challenges and planning on how to approach them moving forward. 

What motivates you to get to the office in the morning?

Before I had my daughter, my motivation was to achieve a Senior level role in business, where I would manage people and be recognised as an expert in my field – all those early apprentice series, heh?

After I had my daughter, I struggled between wanting to be a stay at home mother and having a career. After months of twisting and turning, I decided to have both. And that’s my motivation now – for her to see that a woman can be a mother and a wife, without compromising her professional goals and carve her own path in business and life that remains true to one’s self.



My Malta

My favourite location: Marsaxlokk – it was the first place I visited in Malta when I used to holiday here from London and I was and still am, mesmerised by its natural beauty and local hospitality.

My favourite local food: Locals do pretty good food – it’s very difficult to choose one particular one, since all of them are so delicious.

My favourite dining experience: I have eaten in many wonderful restaurants in Malta and every one of them offered something unique. If I were to pick a place based on food only, I would say that the Chop House in Sliema has outstanding steak.

My favourite nightspot: Tiffany’s in St Julian’s , even though I go there quite rarely, as it would conflict with my story telling duties.


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