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CEO of the Week: Bart Esposito, Founder and CEO of Sirplay

Founder and CEO of Sirplay, Bart Esposito has 14 years of experience in online gaming and has become an expert in Business Strategy and Company Management.
Originally founded in 2001 as Teknobet, the company rebranded as Sirplay in 2010. Today, Sirplay provides gaming solutions in 22 countries all over the world.

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Executive Profile

Bart Esposito

Born: 1st August, 1979

Marital status: Married for 21 years

Family: My wife and three beautiful children, two sons and one daughter

Home: Italy

Car: Audi A5

School/Education: Diploma ITIS

First job: My first job was back in 1995 when I opened a lab in my garage to repair and assemble computers and gaming consoles.

Current job & company: CEO of Sirplay

Favourite pastime: I love to spend my time with my family and play with my children, but sometime taking time for myself is necessary too. I manage to relax by collecting watches or let off some steam boxing.

Favourite book: At the moment, my favourite book is “Dictator” by Andrea Frediani. It’s a trilogy about Julius Caesar’s life and battles in Rome, and I am currently reading it. 

Favourite film: “Casino”directed by Martin Scorsese and amazingly played by Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci.

Favourite music: “Oh, it’s only Rock’n’Roll, baby!” 

Favourite gadget: A clock-making kit is surely my favourite one.

Last holiday: I spent my last holiday in Italy. The nature and the sense of calmness are incredible in Italy, it feels like a heaven. The sea, the mountains, the flowers, the smells, the food... they blend all together and they become a unique experience. 

Favourite quote: “There is nothing permanent except change”  - Heraclitus

Role models/heroes: Flavio Briatore, Richard Branson, Elon Musk. I think they are models for all entrepreneurs, and beyond that, they are examples of persistence and innovation, at a global level.

Best advice that I have ever received:

Years ago, I used to take every mistake as an irreparable matter, and I risked loosing my self-confidence. Then a friend of mine told me that nothing good was made without making mistakes and that the most amazing brains in history had made mistakes. The most important thing is to stand up and to try not to repeat the same mistakes again.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

I take the kids to school at 8.30am, then I go to the office. Around 2pm I usually go boxing and after a brief lunch I go back to work. I have dinner with my family at about 9pm, and take the opportunity to talk with them about the day. 

What business issues are high on your agenda?

My goal right now is to further expand and consolidate the company. I have great plans for Sirplay: we are trying to enter the US sports betting industry and the European market. At the same time, we aim to maintain our brand awareness in South America and Africa.

What motivates you to get to the office in the morning?

One of my biggest ambitions in life is to achieve always higher goals, be determined and not to loose myself. The biggest driving factor in achieving my goals is to ensure the wellbeing of my family.

Dinner in the Sky Malta

My Malta

My favourite location: I love Sirplay’s office. It’s located in Sliema, just in front of Il Gabbana Bistrò. Our office location is on the seafront, just 20 meters away from the coolest spots in this area.

My favourite local food: Rabbit Stew, I always like to eat local and traditional food and that’s my favourite one in Malta.

My favourite dining experience: It’s 'Dinner in the Sky'. The food is very good, and the view is beautiful. Of course, one has to get used to the floating experience but it’s worth the effort.

My favourite nightspot: Valletta


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