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CEO of the Week: Antoine Bartolo, CEO of Megabyte

Antoine Bartolo is the Chief Executive Officer of Megabyte Ltd, one of Malta’s longest established computer systems company offering a full range of IT services and support. Antoine specialises in IT, Software Development and Systems & Software Engineering. Prior to joining Megabyte in 2018, Antoine has served Forbesfone as CEO and COO. He holds a Bachelor of Science in IT and computer systems engineering obtained at the University of Malta.  


Executive Profile 

Name: Antoine Bartolo

Born: 28thAugust 1974

Marital status: Married to Nadia for 17 years 

Family: Wife Nadia and son Gabriel aged 14

Home: Attard

Car: Renault Laguna

School/Education: Secondary school at St. Aloysius College, followed by a B. Sc IT degree at the University of Malta

First job: System Specialist/ Developer at Vodafone Malta Ltd.

Current job & company: CEO at Megabyte

Favourite pastime: Boating

Favourite book: Immortality by Milan Kundera

Favourite film: Star Wars

Favourite music: Rock

Favourite gadget: My laptop

Last holiday: Sardegna

Favourite quote: "Courage is grace under pressure" - Ernest Hemingway

Role models/heroes: My dad and Ayrton Senna

Best advice that I have ever received: Be happy with what you have

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What does a typical day in your life look like? 

I wake up at 06.00am and plan the day ahead, spend roughly 10 hours at the office and then head home for some down time with the family.

What business issues are high on your agenda? 

Employee loyalty

What motivates you to get to the office in the morning? 

Meeting up with a group of motivated people who share my vision of building a new Megabyte.


 Megabyte's Office 

My Malta

My favourite location: Anywhere when I’m out at sea

My favourite local food: Seafood

My favourite dining experience: Fumia

My favourite nightspot: City Bar Mosta

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