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Working Hours

The working week in Malta is 40 hours on average, and 48 hours is the legal maximum, with the additional eight hours having to be paid for in overtime compensation. Daily office hours in the private sector are usually between 08:00 or 08:30 and 17:00 or 17:30.

Malta remains significantly cheaper than other European capitals in terms of staff salaries and other costs. Although certain industries such as iGaming and financial services tends to offer remuneration that is some 30% higher than other industries in Malta, the figures are still lower than the European average. Financial packages range from €20,000 for customer support staff to €50,00 to €80,000 for department heads. The lower cost of living in Malta also means that staff actually enjoy a much higher quality of life on a lower salary than they would on a higher salary in locations like London or Stockholm.


Scale of Opportunities

Malta’s diversified economy is performing exceptionally well, offering exciting and dynamic employment opportunities in a host of sectors such as gaming, financial services, education, health, maritime and aviation, to name but a few. For dual-career couples this means that accompanying spouses and partners usually do not struggle to find work.


Efficiency & Productivity

Given Malta’s size, its productivity level compares well with other European countries, while increasing efficiency is high on the government agenda. It might be time-consuming to complete certain administrative procedures, however, there is a refreshing lack of bureaucracy in other areas of public and business life. 


Work-Life Balance

Although working hours do not vary significantly from those in other countries, many expats say that they enjoy a better work-life balance in Malta. Overtime is the exception, rather than the rule, while Malta’s small size means beaches, sports facilities and restaurants are just a short ride away. In a tight labour market, many CEOs also understand that flexible work schedules are one of the top reasons why people enjoy working at a company. Employees are also entitled to 25 working days of annual leave, and on top of this, there are 14 public holidays each year.


Family Time

As in many southern European countries, family plays an important role in Maltese society. This also means that time-off during evenings and weekends is respected, with many expats citing that they are able to spend more quality time with friends and family.



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