Canamex Gold: Memorandum of Understanding Malta Digital Exchange

Canamex has announced the execution of a Memorandum of Understanding with Malta Digital Exchange Holdings plc (MDXH).

MDXH intends to establish and operate a Multilateral Trading Facility, the Malta Digital Exchange (MDX), a secondary market exchange platform that would allow the trading of securities in the form of tokens using cryptographic encryption ("Security Tokens"). 

MDX will be a multi-asset digital exchange, which focuses on virtual financial assets and security tokens. 

Canamex is in the process of issuing, via non-brokered private placements to accredited investors, security tokens baked by gold and silver royalties and metal streams ("GOLDUSA Tokens" and "SILVERUSA Tokens").

The company is now exploring the possibility to list and admit to trading these GOLDUSA Tokens and SILVERUSA Tokens on the MDX. The Memorandum of Understanding enables MDX to advise and collaborate with Canamex, with regard to the listing and the potential trading of the GOLDUSA Tokens on the MDX platform, subject to the satisfaction of the admissability requirements. 

The MOU is non-binding, and will provide the cornerstone and structure for any and all possibly impending binding contracts between the parties. 


Source: Press Release by Canamex Gold

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