8 surprising places where you can spend your bitcoins in Malta

The digital currency is rising in popularity among traders on the island.

Malta has attained its 'Blockchain Island' status when it became the first country in the world to provide a coherent regulatory framework for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. While crypto has yet to go mainstream, some businesses on the island are already accepting bitcoin as a form of payment. People can eat and drink in a number of trendy restaurants, book a tennis class or even pay for a cab using bitcoin. MaltaProfile rounded up a list of venues, services and things you might never have thought cryptocurrency could buy.

Malta Grand Central

Malta Grand Central is a co-working space that occupies a historic building in Valletta. This facility provides fully serviced hot desks, dedicated co-working desks and secure private offices for international clients, start-ups and local businesses. In 2018, the company has announced that it is accepting bitcoin payments, making it the first office space provider in Malta to do so.

Malta Grand Central


Quicklets & Zanzi Homes

As part of its crypto-friendly stance, the real estate agency that specialises in property lettings installed a Bitcoin ATM in its main Zanzi Homes office. “We are aiming to install one in all our branches to put us on the bitcoin map,” Steve Mercieca, the group’s CEO, said in a statement. “The QLZH group is focused on being the real estate agency to go to when using these new cryptocurrencies in the property industry.”


Corazón Tattoo Studio 

Corazón Tattoo studio opened its doors in spring 2017, it is both owned and operated by Irish tattoo artist Paul O’Rourke. In 2018, the studio started accepting payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin for artwork and tattoo services.

Corazón Tattoo studio


Tarragon, Caviar & Bull, Buddhamann & Dinner in the Sky

The award-winning chef and restaurateur Marvin Gauci owns and operates some of the finest restaurants across Malta, including Tarragon, Caviar & Bull, Buddhamann and Dinner in the Sky. “I always considered myself a rule breaker and never felt I could fit into strait jackets. I always saw food as a way to think out of the box and an opportunity to turn the conventional into unconventional,” Marvin Gauci said in a MaltaToday interview. It seems that Gauci’s open-minded and informal approach goes far beyond the business of fine dining as in 2017 he extended his restaurants’ payment system and begun accepting bitcoin.


From left to right: Dinner in the Sky, Terragon, Buddhaman, Caviar and Bull


Tennisline is a tennis court in Saint Julian’s that is accepting bitcoin payments. It offers tennis facilities and provides individual and group tennis lessons for players of all ages and level groups delivered by professional coaches. 

Tennisline courts 



QPartz is a Maltese automotive parts import company, specialising in the German luxury brand BMW. In 2017, the company announced it is accepting bitcoin payments.


Bitcoin & Autotrader

Bitcoin & Autotrader is the first company in Malta that offers an opportunity to buy a pre-owned car with any cryptocurrency. The company’s owner and CEO Jomic Grech was convinced by the simplicity of the setup and the great potential of bitcoin.


MedAsia Cabs 

MedAsia brand has expanded and launched a new cab service. The company operates the MedAsia Cabs mobile application, which allows people to request a taxi from their smartphone, and it also accepts payments in bitcoin.

MedAsia cabs app


If you know more unusual places where you can pay in crypto in Malta, please let us know in the comment section.


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